nirvana in english for all people


I do not believe in Church
but I believe in the love of Jesus
I do not believe in Heaven or Hell
but I believe in free will

and I believe
that we are here to improve
to be better
to evolve

and then
to help others
and not judge

cause everyone is a whole universe
everyone is their own God

and we are all

This is what I came up with….may Allah forigve our sins

Looking for peace in your mind, Tranquility in your heart, Guidance in your life. When you feel lost you need to seek the truth. You need to know the purpose of your life. You see….your life has two sides to it, one side you have no say in it, you are in state of submission…birth, death, breathing, eating, etc. The other side is your CHOICES. Why don’t we choose to Submit to Our Creator? The creator of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of Adam, Nouh, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhamed Peace and blessing upon them. Submit willingly to Him, worship Him alone, pray to Him alone, turn to Him alone, obey Him alone, worship Him alone because He is the Only one worthy of worship. No Partners, ……..”In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful * He is Allah, the One * The Self-Sufficient Master the Eternal, Absolute * He begets not, nor was He begotten * And there is none co-equal or comparable unto Him. (Quran :Chapter 113).

Now, when you translate the concept ‘submit to one God’ into Arabic language, you get the word ‘Islam’. Thus all the prophets of God, came with the faith of Islam (submission to one God and not to His creation).

Thus, when you enter Islam, you are not entering into a new faith, you are, in fact, entering the same religion which Jesus and moses and Abraham and Muhammad (peace be upon them) all believed in and preached to their people. Thus, you are spiritually getting connected with all these great men of God.

Secondly, God is All-Just, and when a baby is born, he/she is not born with the stigma of sin. All babies are pure and innocent and God has implanted an spiritual chip in each baby to recognize one true God. Thus, if we leave the baby alone to grow up, without any outside influence, then the baby will grow up to recognize, worship and submit to One God (which is Islam). All babies are born as Muslims (one who submits to one God).

So, when you enter Islam, you are not entering into a new faith, but the same faith as you were born with, which was Islam. You are ‘reverting back’ to the same truth, purity and innocence as you were born with!

The best reward which a person obtains when he/she enters Islam is the peace of mind in this world (by knowing that the purpose of life is to worship one God) and by obtaining eternal PARADISE in the hereafter.

With that said, I invite you to embrace Islam and start following the way of life lived by all the Prophets of God.
To enter Islam, we don’t have any baptism or dancing and singing etc. All a person needs to do is to recite a simple phrase which should come from a person’s heart: I bear witness that there is no entity worthy of worship except one God Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

Please remember that life is short and no one knows when I would pass away and when you would pass away. We have to make sure that we are on the guidance of God when we die.


We evolved in every way except in the main: ourselves.

So we have to start all over again, this is the end of time, when we finish a cycle, is taken here that did not pass the year, and those who stay will have a chance tostart all over again, with the right directions this time: love, respect and care, withall that surrounds us.

It will not have internet, you will not have phone, we will not be taking in those who are far away, we will be obliged to concern ourselves with those who should always have been the first: our neighbors, those who are near us, our friends, and our family.

For only when we learn to value those around us can we give value to others,when we give value to our own planet, then we are on track: the preservation andappreciation of life. No money, no status, not technology, appreciation of LIFE!

Think about it, there’s still time to change, change yourself, be a better person and make this world a better place. What remains is just your soul that is eternal, the rest goes away ..

And it will be your soul with all you said that it will come back here, at the beginning of this new cycle of 13,000 years. Let’s do it right this time?


Angels are beings of energy constituted basically, belonging to God, or aids in the manifestation of order and balance.

Lucifer tempts man who e’um God itself, the illusion of matter that e’sua on principle, only helps the man in his own discovery of the divinity, because when this goes beyond the illusion and accepts the existence and transcendent, also goes beyond the bondage of matter and time to discover the ground that it interferes as God in his own existence, on the other, and a larger form, the existence of all humanity.

FINALLY God’s cause and result, of Lucifer e’um his angels, to which we are subject as human beings, but of which we are not slaves from the moment we perceive our spirit as free energy and active.

We are never alone, and there will be happiness on earth until all beings not reach the knowledge of his own divine nature and will realize that we operate continuously throughout the cosmos, the planet’s energy with our actions.

Love and Selfishness

There is no wrong and right: remember ying – yang in all black there is a pinch of white, in all white there is a pinch of black, and they together make perfection

What exists and is: love and selfishness

What is moved by  love:  peace, progress and construction

What is moved by selfishness leads only to: destruction, war and death.

Some people confuse love with possession, it is selfishness,

There are people who act through ignorance, then is our duty, of love, teach …


When my Muslim friend gave me to read the Koran he said to me when you finish reading, you will become. And it was true, when I finished I called my dad and p said he wanted to convert me to the mosque. I was doing all those daily prayers, facing Mecca, and what I wanted most was to learn Arabic at the time to read the Koran in the original language, because I know that a part of its meaning is also the sound of his words. I was totally convinced that my husband would have other wives (not a bad thought, since I am bisexual), and I really believe that the Qur’an and ‘teaching a great base for everything, and I recommend everyone to read.

And then my father told me, if you convert to a single religion you will close the doors to the truth of all others.

I feel that my great mission in life and ‘over that he learned for all people, for the above phrase has become a reality for me, the truth really set me free, and now my outlook on life and’ much wider, but this fact was discovered only when the universal teachings of all religions that I studied: Jesus teaches the Truth about Love, and that ‘the greatest teaching, The Koran dictates rules of coexistence and perfect society, focusing not only on the personal life but life together, Buddhism teaches the truth about our mental tranquility, and how we can achieve peace by controlling the thoughts, Spiritualism teaches about the truth of the soul transcends the body, and how God’s justice is manifested in incarnations. All religions have a part of this truth, then would not limit myself to just one.

I see Muslims as terrorists we see on TV are so fanatical as evangelicals who think that God will intervene in their lives by giving jobs or money, or as Catholics repeat their prayers without paying attention to what they are saying …

Any religion that is’ without being understood then it becomes just a tool and war and destruction.

And love is the strongest force there is vibrating.

The higher the vibration, the more light;

Are angels and gods, the stars themselves??

And the mirror of the moon light, as the walls of Plato’s cave?

Already live in the era of gold, silver, bronze and iron are in now, the last and most primitive, so we can return to the path of evolution and re-enter the golden age. The presence of avatars of Vishnu among us will be growing, so we can bring people back to true reality, and so the evil asuras incite unprecedented as it is today.

Protect themselves in the vibration of love, wisdom and the search for truth, because the light can no longer be covered, and enter the kingdom of peace than a thousand years, not since the Great Whore and Lucifer, and that Supreme Judge, but Church who hid the teachings of Christ to delay the evolution of the earth spirits.

But God is omnipresent, and represented by three gods, the creation, maintenance and destruction / recycling, back now to speak out and bring our planet back to its real purpose, to house the immortal again, we will be the same,when they finally understand the truth.

She seeks the truth will set you free.

Not exist and never have freedom from ignorance, and this definitely … and a blessing.

The revolution of this era will not be material, but invisible, in the fifth element, ether. We are emitting vibrations that have influence on media such as electricity.And we know what changes and what we think this vibration. And through our thoughts and we will influence others. Remember the Star Wars Jedi thought that thing? And just that! Just change our thinking for us to change the thoughts of others. We live only to help others, for only then we can help ourselves. Hell is other people, remember?

And so that no one forget, Lucifer means Angel of Light
The frequency of our vibrations determine not only a color for our aura, as well as temperature.
The higher the frequency, tends to blue, and heat. The lower, tends to red and black, and and increasingly cold.

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