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Gossip and Feathers

A woman comes to the father and said: father, I gossip about a man I didn’t know, was that wrong?

The father said: you gossip about a man that you didn’t know, and endanger his life and his reputation without knowing? Yes, that was wrong,

go to your house, take a pillow do the roof, and stab it with a knife, than come back to me tomorrow said the father.

The woman went to her house, took a pillow to the roof and stabbed it with a knife as instructed, and then come back to the father.

The father ask her: what happened when you stabbed the pillow?

she said: feathers came out of it. Feathers everywhere, going with the wind.

And the father said: go back to your house and pick every feather that went out.

The woman said it was impossible.

So the father said: that is exactly what you have done with your gossip, your words have gone with the wind, and now no one knows where they go.

(from the movie Doubt)


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