nirvana in english for all people

The Androgyne

from the book I’m reading (Back to Lost Civilizations – Quixe Cardinale)


“The androgyne, at some stage of its evolution, is divided into two sexes in different creatures. This may have happened when the moon separated from earth, or violent separation is also reflected on living creatures. The expulsion of the birth of Earth closely resembles the human birth.

Even today the woman is linked to the lunar cycle, which by force of attraction of them generates the net monthly flow, which corresponds to the exact period of revolution of the moon, 28 days and six hours.

At break and division between man and woman latter suffered a laceration of the genitals, which still exist today in the form of wells, and the man was a member of meat the exact size of this cavity.

The injured woman, still fresh after millions of years, sheds blood with each cycle of the moon, and when in conjunction with its first man sheds blood in the membrane that tries to stitch this hollow, the hymen.

The laceration became violent horrida these two creatures, but gradually the skin protective, self-generated, spread over the surface torn. Those very delicate organs being kept with much jealousy in the hidden crevices of the body, were bare, and the skin still retains some points in sensory faculties lost many of its original powers.

The superfĂ­cial junction could have been earlier, the face with two eyes, nose and mouth, the chest with both breasts, the belly with navel and genitals.

The last junction fimbriae were the ones that still remain more or less visible in our bodies.

The genitals still have the correspondence of an ancient and perfect adhesion and are still those instruments, the last vehicle that allows, through the sexual act, compose an old type, but this attempt, as if by magic, it generates another creature the third, at the time of creation requires that the cord will be cut, in order to venture into the paths of life.

The eye of this primordial being was one, opposed to the skull. When beings are divided, each initially possessed only one eye, hence the myth of the cyclops. The famous third eye described in the occult theories is not placed on the forehead, but just behind the neck, where today lies the pineal gland, an organ that allows the man to benefit from paranormal faculties and has slowly atrophied, but today seems to acquire back their privileges.

While the primary eye gradually lost his faculties, the other two took on more power.

Man, when looking for your soulmate to the procreative act, moved in the opposite direction, and the primitive eye, now useless, lose their visual faculties and retreated to the interior, where, crystallizing, transform, to be the organ of psychic perception.

If we listen to our bodies realize that the front is more beautiful and fresh, dare also say younger, and cause us some embarrassment the memory mythological Janus, the god with two heads, and Polifeno, the giant with a eyed ”


In such a poetic beauty that text that I could not help transcribing it here for you enjoyment.

About Pineal Gland I have written before on this blog, about his relationship with nature and crystals of magnetite and sense of direction with respect to the Earth’s magnetic center.

The part of the breakup of bodies and perfection in the sexual act, pure and beautiful poetry, never before read a description so interesting.

kisses to all, and follow in search of Truth, for it alone is free and allows us to capitalize correctly our lifetime on this planet and in this body.

Remember Matthew 5:48 (not by chance that I have tattooed on my arm never to forget): BE PERFECT


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