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Water, Paper and records

one thing that always bothered me is how they try to convince the entire population on two fallacies: that water will end and that we should stop using paper.


The water will not end, it comes from heaven, called RAIN.


The paper comes from trees, they do not end, are vegetables and can be PLANTED.


That said I can talk about what made me come to the front of this computer right now: the great nostalgia that is to see things on paper, like newspapers, books and photos.


Remember the pictures? How were rare, as were important? As we bought our film and save it to click only those special pictures, and how we pray to reveal them, that they not burn?


Today buying a film camera is something considered vintage, and our pictures have become so commonplace that we do not even remember half of what we have stored in the huge memory of our computers.


Inside of me I have an alarm that tells me to print our photos to print our texts, as if a shadow approaching warning me that soon we will not have even more photos, or texts, or our computers. Something that is close to the apocalyptic end of all digital information and based on electric power, the world as we know it today.



Think of the school, in history, remember when your teacher taught you how much historical treasures in the form of records were lost in the catastrophic fire in the library of Alexandria?


Have you ever stopped to think how much information will be lost catastrophically if for some reason we get no further physical kind of energy and satellite internet?

If for some physical reason as solar flares the planet goes back to ancient times and throughout our culture again be based on material non-virtual?


Maybe I read too many books, I have too much depth in the history of mankind, which cyclically undergoes great changes and great Shiva’s upheavals, where everything that is known and taken granted just dissolves under the earthy nature, move tectonic plates, volcanoes erupt and the entire planet becomes diferent, cities and countries disappear and all that remains for future ages are records that are from time to time uncovered and celebrated as great discoveries of our own history.


Anyway here’s my thought, I hope I have time to put on paper all these things that are important to me, I hope you do the same.


And about music, please record enterprises: VINYL, because this will be saved indefinitely, with all its records mechanically recorded, music in their endless spiral of acetate, which may be forever revealed in simple non-electric appliances dependent.


And about paper, the best part: it is recyclable.


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