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Of Elves and Men – Silmarillion

“Valar were not allowed to stop the Death, which is the gift of Ilúvatar to Men” ”

Eru or Iluvatar is the only creator of AINU (the Sacred) by his thought (and thesehave created everything that exists in music).

The children of Ilúvatar are Elves and Men (and the Firstborn SUCCESSORS).

The Universe elves call ARDA. and all elements the water is what they mostpraise, because the water is still living echo of the music of the Ainu “”

– The SIMLARILLION – Tolkien



I do not believe in Church
but I believe in the love of Jesus
I do not believe in Heaven or Hell
but I believe in free will

and I believe
that we are here to improve
to be better
to evolve

and then
to help others
and not judge

cause everyone is a whole universe
everyone is their own God

and we are all

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