nirvana in english for all people


Angels are beings of energy constituted basically, belonging to God, or aids in the manifestation of order and balance.

Lucifer tempts man who e’um God itself, the illusion of matter that e’sua on principle, only helps the man in his own discovery of the divinity, because when this goes beyond the illusion and accepts the existence and transcendent, also goes beyond the bondage of matter and time to discover the ground that it interferes as God in his own existence, on the other, and a larger form, the existence of all humanity.

FINALLY God’s cause and result, of Lucifer e’um his angels, to which we are subject as human beings, but of which we are not slaves from the moment we perceive our spirit as free energy and active.

We are never alone, and there will be happiness on earth until all beings not reach the knowledge of his own divine nature and will realize that we operate continuously throughout the cosmos, the planet’s energy with our actions.


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