nirvana in english for all people


And love is the strongest force there is vibrating.

The higher the vibration, the more light;

Are angels and gods, the stars themselves??

And the mirror of the moon light, as the walls of Plato’s cave?

Already live in the era of gold, silver, bronze and iron are in now, the last and most primitive, so we can return to the path of evolution and re-enter the golden age. The presence of avatars of Vishnu among us will be growing, so we can bring people back to true reality, and so the evil asuras incite unprecedented as it is today.

Protect themselves in the vibration of love, wisdom and the search for truth, because the light can no longer be covered, and enter the kingdom of peace than a thousand years, not since the Great Whore and Lucifer, and that Supreme Judge, but Church who hid the teachings of Christ to delay the evolution of the earth spirits.

But God is omnipresent, and represented by three gods, the creation, maintenance and destruction / recycling, back now to speak out and bring our planet back to its real purpose, to house the immortal again, we will be the same,when they finally understand the truth.

She seeks the truth will set you free.

Not exist and never have freedom from ignorance, and this definitely … and a blessing.

The revolution of this era will not be material, but invisible, in the fifth element, ether. We are emitting vibrations that have influence on media such as electricity.And we know what changes and what we think this vibration. And through our thoughts and we will influence others. Remember the Star Wars Jedi thought that thing? And just that! Just change our thinking for us to change the thoughts of others. We live only to help others, for only then we can help ourselves. Hell is other people, remember?

And so that no one forget, Lucifer means Angel of Light
The frequency of our vibrations determine not only a color for our aura, as well as temperature.
The higher the frequency, tends to blue, and heat. The lower, tends to red and black, and and increasingly cold.


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