nirvana in english for all people


When my Muslim friend gave me to read the Koran he said to me when you finish reading, you will become. And it was true, when I finished I called my dad and p said he wanted to convert me to the mosque. I was doing all those daily prayers, facing Mecca, and what I wanted most was to learn Arabic at the time to read the Koran in the original language, because I know that a part of its meaning is also the sound of his words. I was totally convinced that my husband would have other wives (not a bad thought, since I am bisexual), and I really believe that the Qur’an and ‘teaching a great base for everything, and I recommend everyone to read.

And then my father told me, if you convert to a single religion you will close the doors to the truth of all others.

I feel that my great mission in life and ‘over that he learned for all people, for the above phrase has become a reality for me, the truth really set me free, and now my outlook on life and’ much wider, but this fact was discovered only when the universal teachings of all religions that I studied: Jesus teaches the Truth about Love, and that ‘the greatest teaching, The Koran dictates rules of coexistence and perfect society, focusing not only on the personal life but life together, Buddhism teaches the truth about our mental tranquility, and how we can achieve peace by controlling the thoughts, Spiritualism teaches about the truth of the soul transcends the body, and how God’s justice is manifested in incarnations. All religions have a part of this truth, then would not limit myself to just one.

I see Muslims as terrorists we see on TV are so fanatical as evangelicals who think that God will intervene in their lives by giving jobs or money, or as Catholics repeat their prayers without paying attention to what they are saying …

Any religion that is’ without being understood then it becomes just a tool and war and destruction.


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