nirvana in english for all people


Imagine that everything we see is the manifestation of matter in a series of parallel creations of various gods, and that, for example, animals are a manifestation of the spirit of creation which God created that are not incarnate in him, but on tods the creatures of the same species, and that we are the only manifestations of God where the Spirit is embodied in the manifestation, and that the physical body. Imagine that just got on another etagio learning or specialization, where we have to interact with all the other spirits of our species, and thus we create our own reaalidade through our thoughts, but we are simultaneously subject to the parallel universe created by other gods, which are other human beings.

Imagine now that we are indeed all well connected and interfering in other universes when intergovernmental with all other creatures, so contacting and being also affected by the vibrations of these other criaturass that this plan and not material, but the larger plan of vibrations that ultimately shape the material that we consider, and these other manifestations from a stone (which is just energy vibrating), an animal (which can be either a recent creation Quntar tamebem a manifestation of a god incarnate), a plant (that vibrating in a state even more connected with the Goddess), or another human being.

Thus we can say that we are gods in creation and creators while since aware of this capability.

Live and coexist with all these universes, which we attracted or repelled in accord with our own vibration frequency, which enables us to tune the signals in accordance with our range magnetic / vibrating.

We know that all that is manifest and a set of electrically charged particles, which in accordance with their neighbors, they exchange electrons and change their chemical structure.

And do not forget that when they procure vibrate at a certain frequency and find other vibrations equal, the wavelength become larger, subjecting the magnetic fields around us also to be modified.

The creation and non-stop, every time we issue a thought, and that its amplitude magnetic mirror for their mental image creates an entity that is supplied will not perish, however if other thoughts of similar electrical pattern are added to it, then we the birth of a new creature, which will move from there and expand as similar thoughts are adding to it.

So who says to beware of what you want, because every request, prayer and every prayer, every curse, and all these foods are evil entities, and are responsible for them, for our thinking, even sent to the space / universe, is always connected to the wire by an imperceptible, but it will display that source was generated …

The most interesting and realize that everything that happens to us and somehow the result of that first enshrined in our mental world, and we have the power to change everything, since we do not easily fooled by the thought of defeat. The equilibrium state of mind, and true to Nirvana and not the more difficult to achieve, but more difficult to maintain …

You and creator of his own reality, whether voluntary or just because it is led by the vibrations around you. Thus we have a depressing thought, where we exit because we are not wrapped in a negative magnetic cloud created by us and by others, and we also have the ability to change our whole reality, just vibrating with the power of the change of thought.


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  1. bot_marley (RT) We’ve got a mind of our own So go to hell if what you’re thinking Is not right” bad, habits<<<<

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