nirvana in english for all people

The Mental Body

The mind has a higher frequency than the body electric. The mind is more complex emotions, it is possible the subtlety, the originality and conceptual power, and lead to false reasoning and self delusion.

Philosophically this false reasoning is shown in the major and minor premises that can, if misplaced, lead us to false conclusions properly based.
That’s why the philosophy of spirituality is very different when it is a science that seeks to build everything in logical conclusions. If we lack the correct data, or not interpret them correctly brings us to the wrong conclusions, even following the logical thinking.

The habits of mind and and patterns may not only affect the disease process adversely, but also represents a powerful force for health, growth and change.

Mentally we define new synapses at all times, and with repetition, reinforce these same synapses, which are the nerve connections between neurons. By changing our own thinking we are able to destroy and build these same synapses at all times.

DIMENSIONS Atmic, Buddha, CAISAL, mental, emotional and Etheric ARE NOT UP OR DOWN ONE OF THE OTHER, BUT stand and interpenetrate ALL POINTS AND WHEN THE PERSON and harmonious relationship’s is healthy and balanced.

In similarity of the astral body, speed, brightness, color, rhythm and light indicates the power of the chakras and the quality of mind as well as special development areas, observation, memory or imagination.
The quality of our actions, which result in material creation, is the structured composition of our thoughts. The concepts of past, present and future are easily overcome when we evaluate our way of thinking. A thought of sadness today, because intensely revived in us the same sad, because for the energy flow of our mind there is no pre-established time.
If we’re stuck in a pattern of lower vibrational energy, as in sorrow, not enough to renew our body’s energy flow. As a result, our bodies are genetically prone to get sick is collapse.
Our consciousness has unlimited freedom, possible that she’s always trying to escape the mental tools or concepts that creates predetermined to measure the relative positions of things that exist.
All of our feelings, thoughts and emotions past remain in us, our daily dependence of thinking and using the senses does not help us to note their continued without end.
We must use our mind to think about today, recalling past mistakes without getting or trying to control the future. If we turn attention to the present, for all that we are living and experiencing at the moment, we are increasing the clarity of our consciousness. Thus the ability to realize what it takes to thrive individually reach proportions not selfish.

When people become aware of the transforming power of thought, the mind just depends on the brain to express itself in physical form that transcends this directly affects other people through the energy that liberals like thoughts and emotions, we will have more responsibility in our actions.


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