nirvana in english for all people

The causal body, Buddha and atmic are more subtle than the previous three.There are other names for these bodies but what matters is that they are the source of what is best in us, exerting a powerful influence on growth and transformation. According to the principles of reincarnation, the fruits of that experience into quality permanent mark the evolution of individual self.

The causal body is the center of consciousness egostista (or soul), and relatively stable across the entire cycle of reincarnation, only dissipated after the fourth initiation when the need is no more rebirth for human beings.

It is the vehicle of higher consciousness, the temple of God in us. Therein lies the explanation for the problems that go beyond the emotional and mental. It is a dimension that remains through all the changes in the course of a lifetime, giving them meaning and continuity. These pass through the lives inside this body, becoming a combination of their higher qualities of the U.S.: awareness, insight, intuition or direct knowledge, creativity, intentionality, the divine longing, love, the good, the purer forms of compassion.

This is where you browse the real causes of what we are here and now, the seeds of quality of our mind and our heart. A boost positive energy can not influence these higher bodies, but the harmony and happiness resulting from an internal balance issue vibrational frequency so high that there is resonance.

Within the ratings given there are two subdivisions:

The U.S. BELOW: etheric, astral or emotional and mental body. This plan is connected to everyday experiences, facts and emotions constantly present in our basic human needs and narrow to a broader vision. These are our thoughts surface low-frequency vibration that reflect the pathological processes.

The Higher Self, formed by causal bodies, and atmic Buddha, which constitute the human phase of energy, interpenetrating and interdependent, it is believed that not part of the pathological processes as they are in a very subtle dimension which do not suffer interference from the lower vibrational .

Only when the lower plane of a person is that it can bring these into multidimensionality, or other levels of consciousness that are part of the higher self. This is realized through the creative imagination that takes will be unconditionally surrender to higher ideals. This way your energy pattern will have a high frequency that will resonate with subtle vibrational patterns. (Inspirations)

Human knowledge about these processes is still very limited, it is up to each individual search results through mental manifestations. We must be attuned to the impulses of our creative intelligence and manifest so that we can organize them. The ability to organize our thoughts unfold is crucial to our personality and analyze our weaknesses and propensities, which exceeded lead us to new forms of perception in the face of other beings, the planet and the universe we live in and to which we belong. The SELF KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY.

As this paper the last three bodies were analyzed jointly, will search for new sources to bring larger and more detailed information.

atman – in German: breathing air for the

Buddha – interest here to read part of this blog about Buddha and lighting

Interesting to study all the physics that concerns WAVE will be able to understand and be real and not only intuitive manifestations cited.


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