nirvana in english for all people

State of contemplation and ecstasy in which consciousness is awakened. A person who enters the stage of Nirvana is that which was detached from all matter, recognizes the true reality behind the illusions of the world of forms, and managed to reach a state of undisturbed peace of mind, living in a state of complete fulfillment and quiet, no more going through what we call suffering and death.

No more suffering because there is no death because the person who really sees the truth, know that your consciousness transcends the body of matter, beyond physical death, and is constantly evolving. Knowing this, your whole perspective of reality is altered, and now understand their true role in the cosmos.

The Way

Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, was born a Jew, 2004 years ago (we will consider the date Catholic and historically correct only for didactic purposes) in the city of Nazareth, Palestine. It was considered an impostor by Jews, and sentenced to death for the crime of blasphemy, when confirmed to be the Messiah mentioned in the 1st Testament (Torah of the Jews).
Physically dead, resurrected on the 3rd day and seems to be his apostles. He left us all his teachings, which are assembled in the form of the gospels (the ‘Good News’).
Jesus was a man, a prophet, a being who had visited the earth in human form on previous occasions, an avatar. It was, for example, Krishna (‘the beautiful’), a being of light and love, which, due to the boundless love for all of us, his brothers, was incarnated to show us the way.
And this way he shows us is recorded in the gospels, and also in the gospel of the lost books of Nephi (Book of Mormon, see essay below). The path is nothing more than the track of love of neighbor, love without reservation, without suspicion, without selfishness.
‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’: This is the way.

The path is the truth and the truth can only be understood when based on reason.The reason is based on logic. Let us then logic of all that surrounds us and the truth will show itself to our eyes, so clear that we ask not realize then how it all before you reach this point …

But to understand the way it is necessary to know the truth.

The Truth

Truth is reality without metaphors, no legends, no myths and naked. The truth about our origin, our way, our spirit and the truth about God (Allah, Jehovah, Jah, or any other name for the universal creative force).
To understand the truth of the mind is necessary to remove all religious prejudice, racial, sexual, and scientific.
It is necessary to believe that all the perfection of the universe is not coming from a coincidence of physical or chemical factors. It is necessary to accept that the whole Cosmos is perfect, that every atom is perfect, that all physical and chemical laws are perfect, and that this perfection does not come from nothing, but a greater perfection of more than one Supreme Consciousness the universe itself.A cosmo-psychic consciousness that manifests itself through electromagnetism, which controls from the orbit of electrons in the atom to the orbits of galaxies. The Perfect Psychic awareness that is in us, we gave birth, and all physical matter, this consciousness that manifests in us as the macrocosm is the microcosm, as are made in His image and likeness, that consciousness is the very God, Allah, Brahma, Logos, I hope, Jehovah, Yahweh, Jah, our Father and Creator.

The truth is this: we are made in your image, we are destined to perfection, but this will only come to us through our own efforts. This perfection is possible, our effort is necessary, we must face the obstacles that we, ourselves, our karma, sans face life and death to finally achieve the life.


Eternal life, which are designed, life without death. Never die in spirit (unless you seek this death). Our body dies and is degraded, and back matter, and our spirit back into another body, and lives, and our body dies, and our spirit is released and back, and takes another body and continues this cycle until our spirit step into the Truth, Nirvana, then there is no death, only Life, True Life.
When you say you only live once (as many religious people claim), this life is about the life of our consciousness only, which is individual and is preserved through numerous physical death, where only the physical vessel is changed, but our spirit remains the same, moving toward progress and perfection through various experiences, but only one life.

Discover the Way, the Truth and the Life through this book, which is a summary and the sum of the various doctrines that show different sides of one reality and this one Creator God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
May we all live in peace and love, today and always,


‘What good is a terrestrial species have landed on the moon, thousands of miles away from their homes, if it failed to penetrate one centimeter within his own soul?’

Jesus is the way - aramaic



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