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Massacres and Religion

“If the coaches in the world did an honest and authentic statistics to see what most men who devastated the earth and contributed to human misery and misfortune, they would be horrified to prove that religious fanatics were just the most evil destroyers of our the school physical education spiritual. Hence the belief in God can be as unhealthy and devastating when contrary and denies the very attributes of divinity, by believers who still worship the hatred, ignorance, evil and injustice that are opposed to the divine values ​​of love, wisdom, Kindness and Justice ‘.
‘Considering that 95% of terrestrial humanity believes in God, proving this belief through various spiritual movements and religious congregations, it is clear that all evil, destruction by fratricidal wars are the responsibility of those 95% who believe! So it would be preferable that the men were almost all atheists, because they are unbelievers, their scams, abominations and wickedness would be considered normal manifestations of the lower nature of man, in the face of ignoring the existence of the divine laws governing the cosmos, emanating from the Supreme Being!

‘Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Confucians and Mohammedanism live apart, in vain attempts ecumenical, more religious interests disguised under the label of universality. Even among the Adventists themselves derived from the Protestant or other religious sources, even conflict with each other in silly speculations of different personal interpretations of concepts, perhaps, even typos in the Bible! Thus, an original source as Protestantism, new sects that spread aggressively and suffering cry of ‘Real Truth’! They are struggling under the labels of fanatical Baptists, Congregationalists, Lutherans, assembléios of God, Methodists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Presbyterians, last days of Jesus, Episcopalians, Pentecostals, Adventists or the 7th day.

The Old and New Testaments have produced more sects, different beliefs and fanatical and dangerous than they really should produce. Given the insane fight for the prerogative of leadership and dissemination of its principles, sometimes used against the man himself inversely to the actual teachings of Christ. Not oppose any protest as to the need for man believed to renew, to believe the urge to meet intimate communion with God in the pursuit of angelic ascent. But shame is a belief that divides men and turns in favor of discord, destruction, hate and tragedy, whose acts objectionable flatly contradict the authentic values ​​of spirituality, against the predominance of lower instincts of animalism. One can not praise a belief in god, when it leads men to disgrace in antifraternas and religious struggles that destroy their own spiritual pleasure of living. Believing in a God of love and life and then cause the death of others for reasons of color, race, customs or religion, believing in the goodness of God and then practice torture, massacres and destruction in the villages, towns and cities, is a crime of lese-Divine Majesty. The believer who acts so objectionable and repellent denies its assimilation to postulate any religious aspect of the divine and sinfully demonstrates his late spiritual! ‘

62 Al-Baqarah “Believers, Jews, Christians and Sabeans, finally, all who believe in God, the Day of Judgement and do good, receive their reward from their Lord, and not be prey to the fear nor shall they grieve “(Quran)


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