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There are about 3000 years before our era, India had been conquered by the Aryans, representatives of the white race. In this period of its history came from the predominant religion of the Vedas, the sacred texts of the Lemurian and Atlantean origin, and were deciphered by the priests. It was Brahman.
The Aryans, above, were then the highest scale of a great mixture of races existing in India, which had the red race of beings, most yellow and black.

There was a period when there was a fight between two dynasties, the Solar dynasty, which included the Aryans, and the Lunar dynasty, where were the representatives of the black race.
This struggle is the central theme of the Mahabharata, that epic account of this historical period of the Hindu Empire.
On the one hand the devotees of the Sun, representing the masculine force and the followers of one God, supreme, the Pandavas, on the other, supporters of the Moon, representatives of feminine strength, followers of black magic and idolatry, the Cauraveses.

The Pandavas are overthrown from power and banished to the forest where they lived the true spirit kings of India, hermits, ascetics, heirs of rixis, ancient sages that had the secret interpretation of the Vedas.
It is reported that the hermit has powers to call in or out snakes and tigers and lions had softened.
Who mistreated or killed a rixi take the curse until his third incarnation.

Like the Greek gods (which led) Hindus relied on a wide variety of gods possessed human feelings and mingled with them.
In the Ramayana tells the story of a king who became an ascetic (Vixuamitra) and is seduced by a nymph sent by the god Indra. From this union is born a hero who will assist in maintaining the universe (an Avatar).
This man was the creator of the national religion of India, and that throws the world a new idea: the incarnate deity (the Divine Word), and manifested by man.

It was the first of the Messiah, the firstborn son of God, Krishna, who after nearly two millennia would arise again in the person of Jesus Christ, and that will have a third and final time on Judgement Day.

History tells us, during the early age of Kali (or Caliman), then dating from 3000 years BC according to the schedule brâmico and is characterized by large materialism and greed, Krishna emerged, exposing his teachings about the true reality of human nature: the divine and immortal spirit, and men reporting that everything is material is perishable and illusory, and that only your soul is truly timeless.

Krishna, the son of Devaqui, sister of then King Peters, supporter of lunar worship and black magic, self-loving Cali incarnated Nixcumba.
Also known as king of snakes, Peters, through its power over these reptiles, kept the people and the enemy terrified, and the temple of Cali, located in a cave in the forest, conducting worship services in which those who had enslaved gone there in search of power.

Nixcumba, his mistress, beautiful and cruel black, the very desire incarnate, encouraged him to bloody rituals and sacrifices, and counted with the aid of the black demons, the Raxso.
Nixcumba want to have a child with Peters, who would then, according to his desire, the Lord of the Universe. But remains barren, and, during one of the rituals a priest prophesies that the Lord’s mother of the universe that is dethrone his own sister Devaqui.

Thus, also advised by a priest, Devaqui flees into the forest and is sheltered by rixi Vasixta.

Receives a vision of Indra, and then conceives a son, Krishna, the radiant.
In its announcement, Devaqui hear the gods saying, ‘Glory to thee, Devaqui! He will come, halo of light, this effluvium emanating from the great soul pure, and the stars they will pale before his splendor. He will come, death and life challenge, and it will rejuvenate the blood of all beings. He will come, sweeter than honey and ambrosia, purer than the lamb without blemish and the mouth of a virgin, and then go through all hearts the same transport of love. Glory, Glory to you, Devaqui! ‘.
Annunciation which not coincidentally is about the same as Maria gets when the coming of Jesus Christ.

Krishna then born and raised in the village of rixis and after the disappearance of her mother is stricken with great sorrow.
Then has a vision of the spirit of Vasixta, which tells you about your mother and your future. This tells you about his daughter and the son of the Serpent Taurus that would one day face.
Krishna then ensues to challenge the great serpent of the temple of Cali, and after winning it cut off his head, this tells you about life and death.
After the match becomes a warrior and Krishna leaves in great struggles and battles of good and in favor of the underdog, and fight the evil and the beasts.

So beautiful that attracts all the women of the village with his song, after a retreat of 7 years of abstinence, can master their physical bodies and their desires to start so his divine mission

In this mission Krishna man announces his threefold nature, intelligence, soul and body.

If a man is dominated by your body, so it was dominated by Tamas, one of the three gunas.; If it is dominated by intelligence and reasoning, is in the domain of Radja, the second guna. If the spirit rises, seeking out the knowledge that the material limit and into the realms of eternal, then the domain is Satwa, the third and higher guna.

Krishna says: ‘Behold the true path of salvation. Once you realize you will have the supreme being, which is above the world and that is in yourself, decide to leave the enemy that disguises itself in the form of desire. Subdue your passions.The joys that the senses are like looking for the source of future troubles. Do not simply good, have to be good. That is why your kindness in deeds and not their fruit. Renounce the fruit of your works, but that each of their shares is like an offering to the supreme god. The man makes the sacrifice of their desires and their works to the Infinite All, the principle from which all things proceed, and by whom the universe was formed there, obtained by this sacrifice perfection.spiritually united to him, reaches that wisdom which is above the service offerings and experience of a divine happiness. For he who finds himself in their happiness, their joy in itself and also its light is one with God. Now, you know, the soul has found God, is exempt from the Renaissance and death, decrepitude and pain, and drink the water of immortality. ‘

Thus we see in the words of Krishna the same words that 2000 years later he would make again as Jesus Christ in his gospel, then referred to the water of life.

Krishna, like Jesus, was followed by a crowd of disciples, and came to preach in the villages and towns along the river Ganges.
Among his disciples is Arjuna, a descendant of the Pandavas, the deposed king of the sun.

For a long time fought the Western Christian doctrine of Krishna, based at this point, Krishna incited violence. For Krishna urged Arjuna to fight, to fight their relatives in a bloody struggle to restore power to the Pandavas of India.

Arjuna, to her relatives and acquaintances on the other side of the battle, he would give up the fight, but Krishna, teach that physical death does not really exist, explains to Arjuna that he should rather fight for justice demanded that the kings and lunar were deposed his magic to restore the balance of forces.

Thus, Arjuna, knowing the truth that nothing can really kill the spirit, but only the physical body, then goes into fighting the Caura, representatives of the forces of darkness that could not prevail on the strength of the Sun

Krishna says: ‘Listen to what he tells you by my mouth, I and you, all of us we have had several incarnations. My only myself are known, but you know your not.Although it is not, by my nature, subject to rebirth or death, and that is the lord of all creatures, however, as I who speak to my nature, I become visible by my own power, and whenever the due to decline in the world and vice and injustice to win, I will become visible, and show myself from age to age for the salvation of the righteous, the destruction of evil and restoration of virtue. He who knows, really in my nature and my divine work, leaving your body, never returns to incarnate again, and then joins me. ‘

Krishna, like Christ, sends his disciples to teach the world ‘You did not have the eyes open. I gave you a big secret: Do not tell but those who can understand. You who are my chosen, you see the end, and the crowd sees nothing but an empty path. In the meantime, go, go preach to the people the path of self-realization. ‘

After the battle against the Pandavas or caurevas, Krishna, who had retired from the field early because I knew the victory of the sons of the Sun, goes to the top of the hill and then awaits the moment to be killed by the enemy.
After 7 days of meditation and ablution, Krishna is transformed and is then found by archers Peters. These are poured over it and hit with arrows. Krishna, shot through with arrows, is impassive, and just before he died murmuring the name of Brahman, ‘Mahadeva’.

Krishna is then taken by his disciples to be burned in the holy city of Duarca.During the cremation two sisters, and Sarasvtai Nixdali who loved him, is playing with fire, and the crowd then thought he saw the spirit of Krishna will ascend to heaven embraced his two wives.

Thus, the religious doctrine of India, which was based on the Vedas originate in the lost continents, also adopted the teachings of Krishna on immortality, and reincarnation as well, assuming both the solar and lunar cults brâmica will doctrine where God is represented by Brahman, and is reflected by three forces:
Brahma: the creation;
Vishnu: the maintenance, and this force is that Krishna is an avatar (or Messiah)
Shiva: the destruction

This ancient doctrine was later also followed by the Egyptians and Greeks.

Moses, when he was being created by the Egyptians had access to the knowledge of the priests in the temple of Osiris, and then had initiation into these cults. Reported later in the genesis story of creation based on this learning, and the days of creation correspond to the Brahmic days, or thousands of years.
Thus we see that the Torah, or first testament is a continuation of the great story of God and humanity, a continuation of the great religious doctrine that began in the lost continents and perpetuated through the Vedas, had the collaboration of the avatar of divine origin, Krishna continued through the Bible and his two wills, divine intervention to again present the figure of Christ, follows through Islam and its Koran, and will still recount with the participation of the same third avatar, which will again emerge to guide the lost sheep the only way to God, love of neighbor and knowledge of the existence of an immortal soul, made in the image and likeness of the creator.


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