nirvana in english for all people


The Anthroposophical Science has several publications in the more detailed explanation of how we choose our own reincarnation in our next issues involving the physical body, our family relationships and friendships, and environment that surround our next life. And all this during this life that we live in today linked to what we see after our physical death.

In his book, Stephen Hawking constantly tries to put God somewhere in this universe, and their attempts are in vain, which will now be easily explained if we discover that God is not within the creation, nor created with it, but is TO next to it.

God, or Logos, not personified at all, nor can it be compared to anything we can take as a reference, and the principle governing the disposition of the perfect universe and establishing mathematical perfection in all its laws. His nature is far from the reach of our mind is still so limited by the illusion of matter, leaving us only to revere and love their great perfection, for allowing us to learn from his creation, and become masters of it by our own efforts …

When we speak of God as soon evoke the image that came to church, the image of an arbitrary and vindictive man watching us and punishes us, sending us to hell or paradise. What a misrepresentation of the reality of Divine omnipresence and omniscience! When we speak of God’s attributes can explain how all the perfection that is available from a single atom to life as we know it.

Only misused free will is what separates man from perfection. In the face of all our daily choices, how many do not just order our selfishness at the expense of others? Do not ever think of the consequence of our actions, we ignore the basic principle of action and reaction and we judge except the inevitable response to our actions.

Karma is not a fanciful theory of esoteric sects, but a reality which must be fully aware, it governs all our actions!

Then when we imagine God’s punishment for our mistakes, or surveillance everywhere, we’re actually having a false image. Perfection and Divine Justice show in the most basic law: Action and Reaction.

The reality of reincarnation shows us that justice is on the mechanisms of karma, or volunteer in the rescue of our faults, and this occurs from the moment of our physical death until the beginning of a new journey reincarnation.

We know from current science, that the whole universe is properly disposed in accordance with the laws of physics and chemistry. Each atom is prepared in accordance with a predetermined structure, and we know that all the existing elements are variations of the electrical constitution of that primordial atom, which in turn is also composed of other smaller structures, leaving everything to the same subject, in fact not – a matter of paramount importance.

These changes occur in clusters and logical way, after the pattern of certain laws, which man is a mere researcher. The planets follow a predetermined orbit for that very reason, as well as modify the elements and matter is only a reflection of these changes of form. Thus we have a higher will, which is completely logical in its manifestations, plasma elements so that they clump together forming the subject matter that we have witnessed in our earthly life.

God is nothing more human than the name for the concept of a totally abstract mathematically correct because that is manifested in all elements of the universe, and its modifications.

In reality, the primary constitution of matter was scattered at some period prior to the formation of the universe as we see it today, what would be the initial chaos, and due to this Will Force Abstract however existing matter is shaped as we see it in the elements.

We are witness to this power and its consequences, and God is just the way we refer to an abstract concept, but logically formed and manifested. The fact that we call by that name does not imply at all that this force ceases to act.


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