nirvana in english for all people

The Qur’an teaches that Lucifer is a spirit of light, a genius, created by God for the fire. It was originally an angel, and when God created humanity, ordered all angels to serve man to assist in its development. At this point, Lucifer refused to obey, because he believed that man was inferior and that he should not stoop to the point of bowing before man ..

Lucifer then argued with the Creator that the man was weak, and that he would seduce all mankind to show that it was unworthy of the angels to bow. God then accepts tolerate Lucifer and his temptations to man until the day of Judgement, when all who are then lured Lucifer would accompany to your infernal abode.

On the other hand, Alan Kardec Spiritist doctrine rejects the idea of ​​an evil personified in Satan. It teaches us that there are so addicted to evil disembodied spirits, and that, freed from carnal tie, if they use their status to obsess and sucking the incarnate beings for revenge, or even pure evil fun.

In the Bible, but there are numerous references to Lucifer as an evil angel. In the doctrine of Zoroaster – Zoroaster is no reference to an evil entity that was created through the condensation of all thought forms originated by human beings themselves, and all these evil thoughts in your heart (revenge, hatred, lust, lying) converged to the center of the earth and there took shape in a single being who is involved only in trying to distract humanity from the straight path of the Creator.

Assuming that there really are beings of light created unlike our matter and observing certain aberrant behaviors and attitudes of human beings, then comes to be plausible that this creature actually exists as a creature of light very beautiful, but cold, which will see us humans, like insects to be exterminated. And so is busy trying to divert all the ways humans paths dictated by God to fall into error and then have the real death, which is the death of the spirit.

The only drawback to their power is that it can act on human beings unless this is permitted through the vibration of their thinking and their attitudes. Thus the human being is only achieved if you open the guard himself. Otherwise, this being has no power over us.

Studying the book The Realm of the Gods by Geoffrey Hodson, after the explanation of the ten classes Saphirotais (or angels), which describe later, this text came very relevant on the question of What Evil is evil, whence , who does?

Of course not coincidentally in the course of Seara class today we talked about the legendary three monkeys of Japan, covering the ears, eyes and mouth, which means that they do not hear evil, see no evil and no evil SAY . And following these simple precepts that we would have a more peaceful and civilized society.

“In occult philosophy, Deity is eternal life, manifested in Manvantara (day of Brahma appears where the material universe), in numerical order according to the law and unmanifest in Pralaya (rest period where the universe exists in a subjective way).

The archangels and angels in their 10 orders become manifest eternal life according to the verb. In one of his many respects the inverse Sephira are expressions of the eternal substance and spirit of its inherent resistance to life.These two aspects come together in the man, whose daunting task is to put them in perfect balance. As a fan, he does this in its own nature. As the Logos, he lays on a solar system of its own emanation. Since man is the only being in that spirit and matter are equally present, it becomes the battleground of the universe.Armageddon is fought inside. The spirit it suffers defeat to the constant development of the Mind. When the light begins to shine in man, the victory is in your hands. As a species it establishes the brotherhood of planetary home.

How powers manifested, both spirit and matter are septenary, find expression in seven principles. Os7 principles of Satan in the occult sense, are the seven planes of matter and its seven sub-planes. In the occult philosophy have no place or Satan as the personification of evil, a single embodiment of infamy, nor God as moral governor, extra omnipotent, infinite but personal, whose laws can be changed by persuasion, it is designed in the popular imagination or mindtheological. There is truth in the concept of a cosmic pair of opposites: spirit and matter, activity and inertia, construction and destruction, egotism and total, but their images are humanized illusion.

Nevertheless, almost all religions in their exoteric aspects, promulgate the idea of ​​an evil being in perpetual opposition to the supreme Deity. The popular Christianity is no exception, although the satanic form has been modified over time. Dante described the devil as a giant three-headed, Milton and Goethe introduced him as a man of the world, tragic, heroic and even reasonable. Then there is the concept of the fallen angel, continually inducing man to sin.

The existence of the devil and evil is closely linked to the attribute of man’s free will. Within the framework of cosmic law, and will be part of the irresistible evolutionary pressure, the man has freedom to think, plan, speak and act in accordance with the purposes of nature or against them. When operating against this purpose, it becomes antagonist cosmic purpose, and consequently generates for you experiences and adverse living conditions, or ‘bad’. If it persists, it tends to be excluded and isolated from the stream of universal life force, a being more death than life. Some men have so continued to exercise their freedom of action, are called black magicians, dark forces, the followers of the path on the left, the lords of the dark, the brothers of the shadows. Your destiny is not to be annihilated, but fall into the condition known as Avichi the Inert, the polar opposite of Nirvana to which fans are heading the right. After all, those who become highly developed embodiments of self separateness in a later cycle of manifestation re-embark on a journey involutionary and evolutionary.

So Satan was the personification of Ahamkara, the impulse that makes active auto generate the illusion of separateness within the ubiquitous self life spirit. And worse, as a consequence, and all human afflictions spring from this’ separateness heresia’de. The chimera of popular theology is the scapegoat, someone to blame for the mistakes that humanity incurs especially when passing through the stages of his mental and mental evolution.

The action of sephira inverse, Beelzebub, the god of flies, prince of demons, can be taken as an example of place given the occult philosophy and some of the enumerations black. They are seen as embodiments of the resistance of matter to harmonized procedures to be performed by nature through his son, the man, before the end of Maha – Manvantara. This resistance can not actually be seen as an evil, because without it there could be no development or expression of latent powers.

As the beetle contains the germ of his life in a ball of mud, and Beelzebub, the lord of the scarabs, shrouds the human monads materials in vehicles.

(At this point recall the description of Satan as the sun itself, as the God of our material body, as already described in the Bible, God is spirit and the body of the devil)

Having fulfilled its function of closing, the beetle rolls a ball of mud to a place in the sun, and finally part of the egg and produces a larva that becomes the winged scarab, turn the progenitor of other eggs. Beelzebub, in its esoteric sense, can be seen as the personification of the impulse that the scarab share with all of Nature, to terminate life-forms, monads in bodies, and propel them on their journeys cyclical (enter at this point to remember the cycles that make up basically all we know, is not really a closed loop, as shown in Figure Oroboros in the snake eating its own tail, but we would always be the same spot. thinking three-dimensionally, but we do a SPIRAL, where each back to the starting point we are in a different phase or PLAN, hopefully up and not down the evolutionary scale), or bind them will run longer or shorter cycles. Probably why the beetle was held sacred in Egypt, for like insect displays one of the most mysterious powers and attributes of nature. (I’ll remember what has been said that man is the only one that displays the soul and body be the same as in animals is collective soul, a soul group has not yet individualized, being also the human one as your responsibility in this individualization tract by such animals as he is also considered a scientifically animal).

An order Sephia is a reverse order that shaped the bodies mental, emotional, etheric and physical the first 3 races of men to inhabit this earth. These Pitris, as they are called in Hinduism (again remembering that knowledge of Hinduism or passed from Asia to Egypt and from there to the Hebrew people, they come from these cabalistic studies cited here and Jesus, a Jew whose mission was teach God’s love to all people of the world, as it says in the gospel: it will teach all nations and then shall the end), these Pitris had done their work to induce or attract egos – monads (which are the individuality of spirit) to the bodies of those races that they had built it. Since this function materialization seems bad point and view of the evolutionary arc, which amounts to the spiritualization of these minds are sometimes referred to as the Satanic Hierarchy. A corresponding function is performed by members of the angelic hosts by all humans at birth, prenatal or descending arc of the cycle for each successive birth, when the radius of an ego projects its power, life and consciousness of the spiritual realm where intelligence resides. The members of the Order of the Angelic Hosts cooperate in the construction of mental, emotional, physical, etheric, in their mutual adjustment and to induce them to human consciousness.

Although the function of shroud, burial, and incorporate some saphire impose temporary limitations of the inner life, it can not be seen as a really EVIL. Nor can they be seen as satanic intelligences involved in these processes, because the descent is essential to rise, the temporary embodiment for the development of latent powers. In Egyptian religion, the God Kepha (the one that rotates) was the father of gods and creator of all things in heaven and on earth, and begotten generally identified as the rising sun and new birth.

In the Inverse Sephiras cabal enumerations are opposed to Superior Sephiras embodiments will apparently opposing functions of the Superior Sephiras. The first are on the side of matter and the second side of the spirit. ”

It was set up there the whole process of creating the body of man, why be set to work creating this demonic and identification with the sun, or God or Lucifer.

Which makes sense: without knowing the old man looks at the sun, upon which all life on Earth, and compares it to an angel, an angel of light, the Morning Star, who can not be looked at directly, why then Lucifer, the sun is really the creator of the earth and responsible for all material life. And with the Moon, which is the Goddess, creates cycles of different seasons, celebrated the magic with the parties where sex and reproduction have a direct connection with the fertility of the earth and life, so the celebrations involving animals (more specifically deer, deer antlers, which was misrepresented by the Church and put that witches had sex with a goat).

The ancient religions, with their worship and celebrations, their respect for women and the earth, with its respect for sex as the most divine of human actions, and were relegated to the work of the devil, and until this demon is poorly understood because how can an angel, the angel of a beauty created by God to be God’s enemy? And not his colleagues, but in their temptations to man is not pleased at his mistake, but respect those who do not yield to these temptations, which are not sexual in context, but moral: envy, greed, lying, selfishness, but these are our sins, our stumbles, because that is what the word sin: stumbling, of which we can stand up and start again.

So if this God is love and most of all, it is not possible that there is something that is against their principles, Lucifer is not your enemy, but his angel who helps a man ahead of him putting the deviations, but the man on his way Straight praises to God and all creation, for nothing escapes perfection of the Logos, and nothing is more righteous than we can ever redeem us from our errors, returning to earthly life, and being presented again to each shift, so that we have the chance to make the right choice, because free will is a CHOICE, our God-given freedom to continually learn and follow the path of evolution forever, until you realize what it means made in his image and likeness, we are also gods, and We should respect more, and so diverting, religions that put us as weak and sinners forever because this is not what Christ has left us.

Life on Earth should not only be more suffering, we are moving to the next stage, we should praise this life, this earth, and this time, because this body allows us to learn a lot, that’s the goal, learn forever, so live for the learning, free from the notion that after this life is either hell or heaven, they are continually in our minds, if we choose the path of selfishness or love, ignorance or wisdom.

The kingdom of darkness is one site that is located below the threshold. If we think that for the disembodied physical matter is not an obstacle, we can even say that Hell may be located in the physical location of the center of the planet, but this is just a simplistic and illustrative.

When the spirit belongs to a poor person, for example, it does exist after death, in this place of eternal darkness. People criminals, remorseless, vindictive, jealous, selfish, are serious candidates will live in this place after his physical death. Now use the term death, because in this case, physical death means only the beginning of a torment that can actually be extended throughout infinite time.Long enough for the individual in question perceives his mistake, repent and ask God for forgiveness. At this time, his torment begins its decline, For God is always by your side angelic spirits willing to help anyone who seeks his aid with an open heart. People who in life did not acquire the bonds of love with others are also candidates will live in this place, or at the threshold. Just as there are people who are in these locations and are rescued from there by relatives or by the most enlightened sympathies they have acquired in life.

LOVE is in charge of this rescue, the lack of this is the cause of the individual living in the shadows. Love is just the cure and solution to all problems, it is still difficult to understand the purpose of this book?

Growing love always, forgiveness, detachment will matter up treasures where moth and time has no action …

Everything is created by angels, all that is spiritual and all that is material, we are creating the angels and are designed to perfection and to be gods. (Matthew 5:48)

We are destined to continue the Great Work (opus magna).


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