nirvana in english for all people


Anger is always a temptation. It makes us think that our egos are getting stronger.You have to be smart and do not be fooled.

It acts as a negative prayer. There is already bad enough in the world without the increased unconsciously. This is the great truth behind the code of Compassion Tibetan.

When correcting a negative pattern in ourselves, such as anger, we must avoid the pattern of negative prayer, such as `I can not do this’ or` I can not change `. So we’re literally praying to stay as it is. WE MUST KEEP A LOOK THAT WILL FIND A HIGHER POWER AND OVERCOME OURSELVES.

Brain waves are real and can be handled by our intention, and reinforced by raising your energy level.

Brain waves, given a different set of waves, greater range, can be strengthened to the point where we can influence events. But only the things that lead our life in the direction they should take. Otherwise the energy dissipates. There is a direction that seems best, most inspired, which gives us more satisfaction than any other, we belong to an attempt that is more of ourselves and which we can connect. The true self is far greater than we can imagine.

It all starts with the realization that our calling the price field is real. This is the field of energy that we send out through our THOUGHT intentionally targeted at the top of our head (chakra) and the eyes. We can extend this field and have an effect on the world around us. First we have to improve the quality of energy that physically we are ingesting.

Food and heavy industrial solid acids accumulate in our esrutura molecular DOWNLOADING our vibration and ultimately cause disease. The live foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, has an alkaline effect, and raise our vibration.

The purer our vibration but the connection is easy with the subtle energies that exist around us.

We must learn to breathe constantly inhaling this higher level of energy. (Not surprisingly yoga has purely breathing exercises and always heard the expression ‘deep breath’ front of a problem). As is our perception of beauty: the higher our level of energy, more SEEING BEAUTY around us. We can learn to see this higher level of energy flowing from us to the world, using the shape of the emotional state of LOVE as a measure of this occurring.

Viewing this as an energy field that stretches before us wherever we go, we can permanently increase our strength.


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