nirvana in english for all people


Later in India comes a prince, Siddhartha Gautama. This will work even more for that man reaches his knowledge of divine reality, that your soul lives many lives, and the single cause of human suffering: their ignorance and their desires.

Siddahrtha born in 536 BC, the son of Maya, the second tells the story, became pregnant while having a dream in which a white elephant entered by his right armpit. It also tells the story that Maya had her son to get a bunch of flowers.Siddahrtha, which means, ‘every wish fulfilled. ” Shortly after the Queen was to die, and then becomes Siddahrtha created by the younger sister of the queen, Mahaprajapati.
As prince, Siddahrtha lived isolated from the real world, and lived surrounded by luxury and wealth, within the limits of the castle of his father, the king Gautama.

The story goes that shortly after his birth, King was visited by a hermit, Asita, who, seeing the child, predicted “This prince, after being in the palace, when youth will become a great king and rule the world. But if he forsakes the court life to embrace the religious life, will become a Buddha, the Saviour of the World ‘.

At age 19 her father arranged the marriage to Princess Yashoda, her cousin.
Even living in a fantasy life and pleasures of the prince lived in search of the solution to the mysteries of life and death, and at age 29, when their son Rahula, the prince decides to leave the palace to go in search of answers to your questions.

From this time Siddhartha lived initially in the company of ascetics called, which, through much meditation and abstinence, seeking contact with the transcendental. Siddhartha becomes the severest of ascetics, spending long periods of fasting and meditation. However, as can not attain enlightenment, decides to abandon asceticism, and accepts milk from the hand of a woman, after spending six years living as an ascetic in the forest.

Then enters another period of meditation, with strong determination ‘Even if the blood runs out, even though the flesh decay, bones may fall apart, the feet had stayed there, until it finds the path to Enlightenment. ”

The story goes that ‘the fight was so hard that your blood run thin, his flesh fell away, and his bones crack. And when the morning star appeared in the East, the fight was over and the Prince’s mind, and stood as clear as the dawn. He had finally found the path to enlightenment, becoming on December 8, at thirty-five years old, a Buddha. ‘

Since then, Buddha travels the country preaching his doctrine and teachings, from then forty-five years of this form.
His teachings, largely told in the form of parables, dealing primarily to clarify the man his divine origin, his immortal spirit, and help the man to face his greatest enemy, his own uncontrolled mind, which desires the slave becomes the sourceof suffering and death.

Buddha disembodies after this period of teaching, and tells the story this time is when the Buddha preached, between two giant trees (vaticinate robusta). “With a clear conscience for duty done, the greatest of all teachers and kindest of men penetrated the desired Nirvana ‘.

Before this time, the Buddha delivered his last teaching:
“Make of yourself a light. Look to yourselves, do not depend on anybody else. Do my teaching your light: trust in them;
‘Consider your body, think of her impurity, knowing that the pain and pleasure are the cause of suffering, how can collude with their wishes? Consider your heart, think of his inconstancy, as you may fall into illusion and to increase pride and selfishness, knowing that everything ends in inevitable suffering? Consider all the substances in them you can find some ‘me’ last? Are they not a household that sooner or later will break in pieces and disperse? Do not be disconcerted by the universality of suffering, I followed my teaching, even after my death, and you shall be free from suffering. Do this and you are truly my disciples.
‘(…) The purpose of these teachings is to control your own mind. Abandon greed, and keeps the body healthy, the mind pure and your words are the words of truth.If you never forget the transience of life, be able to resist greed, anger, and also be able to avoid all evils.
‘If your mind is caught up and seduced by greed, you must dominate and control the temptation, be the master of your own mind.
‘The mind of a man can do it a Buddha or a beast. Corrupted by error, becomes a demon, bright, becomes a Buddha. Controlai therefore your own mind and do not let it deviate from the correct path.
‘(…) Do not waste your time and mind with hatred and discord. Eat the flowers of enlightenment, when she is presenting to you, and reap the fruits of the correct path.
‘(…) Do not mourn in vain, but you wonder, with the principle of transience and learn from him the emptiness of human life. Do not entertain vain desires that changing things become immutable.

‘Take heed to this fact: the Buddha is not a physical body, is the lighting. The physical body perishes, but the lighting will persist forever in the truth of the Dharma and Dharma practice. That you only see my body I do not really see.Only he who accepts my teaching can see me. ‘

(Dharma – the eternal teaching)


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