nirvana in english for all people


There are many doctrines that spread throughout the world today. A number of sects with foundations in the most diverse, but all preach something similar: a spiritual vision of the universe.

But every sect, every creed, insists on believing that it is the sole possessor of truth, and hence we can easily see that neither is entirely correct. Many current approach of Truth surprisingly, many see the show the spiritual side of all beings, many have been around for a long time …

All seek to explain the same fact, all have only one part of the true history of man.

Despite the Solar Eclipse predicted by Nostradamus have occurred on the scheduled date, announcing that we are living in Revelation in the Bible, we have only seen headlines and satirical articles about the prophet and the Apocalypse itself.

Man has turned his current view of material so that only believes in only material facts, and wait for the Last Judgement as a nuclear war or annihilationist, or a virus that can decimate the entire population.

But the reality of Revelation is very different than the materialist view can wait. In reality we are all currently living the later age, or as the Hindus define this era in which man is immersed in materialism and unbridled sensuality of Kingdom of Kali.

Revelation is the torment that we have today due to lack of spiritual development of most people, that, like a garden full of weeds, prevents the growth of higher plants, ie, prevents the development of complete spiritual beings who have chosen way, we advise correct, is following the message of Jesus, Krishna, Buddha or Mohammed.

Currently we have on planet Earth a great majority of human beings selfish, cruel, vindictive, carnivores and attached to earthly pleasures, which are in any way impeding the overall growth of creatures focused on the way the Good was even written that we currently have embodied beings where humans are not spiritually, but LOWER orbs to Earth.

As in the analogy of the garden, it is necessary to pluck the weeds. For that is exactly what is occurring in this period. Currently: each must be configured on the day of his earthly death, the day of Judgement.

At the time of our death, at the present time, we pass by the Judgement. If we have succeeded in attaining spiritual vision in order to actually act according to the common good, we put ‘right hand of God’, ie return to Earth to continue our development, and experience what the Bible describes as the apocalypseKingdom of Peace that will last a thousand years.

But those who have his spirit encased by materialism, addictions, lust, selfishness and evil, they will be after his earthly death, sent to other worlds (planets or, for better understanding), according to developmentally delayed .They are those who are ‘on the left of the Father’, and live in their next incarnation orbs below the Earth, described in the Bible as ‘tank in the regions of sulfur and howling and gnashing of teeth, as well Ramatis defines’ as an orb primary and savage, whose experience of the cruel and violent unruly animality perfectly fits the description of the howling and gnashing of teeth, which is the characteristic manifestation of the lower life. ‘

To those who doubt the existence of life on another planet, we need to catch up with the discoveries in astronomy, which has identified thousands of galaxies, each with millions of stellar systems like the solar system inside.

These lower spirits, human or otherwise, who now inhabit the Earth under the guise of civilized men, well dressed, but with the soul eaten away by selfishness, and disregard other human beings, as well as eating the corpses of their smaller brethren, judge It is now superior to others because of their social position and financial condition. Such ignorance many have today about the continuity of life, and how much suffering will have when they are face to face with the inevitable earthly death ..

Will be awakened to the spiritual reality abruptly, and will not have time to repent before his death on earth do not change their attitudes and remirem their mistakes.

Ignorant of the immortality of the soul, cruel and selfish beings today are using their property, which should be used for the benefit of others and for humanity in general, for their own land rejoicing. Without thinking twice people kill each other in the name of money or vices, believers who live only once, and that this life must be seized!


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