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The basic difference between us humans and animals is that we have the consciousness of ourselves as individuals, and we can see beyond our individuality, we are the incarnate spirit, while animals are fragments of the astral body of a single mind, which in this case is called Substantiality.

We, after our death, we passed a retroactive assessment of our existence, and through this evaluation, we organize our next incarnation, and is valid for us the concept of karma.

The animals, being a fragment of the same astral body, and the same entity in its death blow so to speak, his astral body in a single individual was alive with the astral body the total species, leading to all kinds of impressions gained his experience as a living individual, but of the same species.

Thus, we can say that all of the same species are part of the same spirit, or entity that the physical organization of animals, is serving his evolution as a species.

As we look at different species can perceive the truth of these statements: all animals act according to their species as a whole, and some have more behavior than other species, P. ex.: fish behavior typically have more species than cats, both of which are the astral body fragment only entity that determines the species, however, due to its own evolution are more or less brain development is not the cause but the effect of its evolution.

As different species have evolved in parallel in time, today we witness more or less evolved animals, but not the most developed in their individuality while living no longer linked to the soul group, or entity determining the species.

The spirit, in the case of animals, is not exactly red, but works with all the species, each individual animal part of the same spirit, individually in each being only fragments of the same astral body, ie all animals share the same kind of evolution with unique individual experiences but trends of the species.

Only in the case of man is that the spirit is actually incarnate in a living individual, ie, only the man’s whole spiritual being in a single body, and its individual astral body. Thus, each man’s experience is unique and determinant of karma to be the same, and valid assessment of retroactive actions after death, reincarnation and the new organization to proceed with spiritual evolution.

In the case of animal evolution is occurring at the level of physical adaptations to the middle ground material, and every living being works with his life experience to the evolution of species.

Lacking self-awareness, we could not wait for the animal after death could reflect on their actions in order to improve spiritually. This occurs only in man. The animal spirits that are the product of an earlier time in human existence did not evolve in consciousness enough to witness their individuality and moving to a new stage of evolution. This new stage was reached only by those who see today as human beings, and is embodied in various experiences in the physical body in order to evolve even more spiritually, learning the law of karma, that is, living in each incarnation to incarnation which caused earlier, in order to learn from their mistakes. (The learning that takes place with the spirit is the only really valid, because that is not limited to the physical brain, but transcends earthly existence).

On the way our evolution before we are what we are today, our spirit has had previous incarnations as part of other non-humans, but not those who share the planet with us today.

In mineral astral matter is poorly developed and the consciousness is deeply asleep, with no noticeable activity between the astral and physical.

In vegetables the astral body is at the beginning of his awakening, giving a sensitivity that can compare to a constant dream. The developing nervous system is so small that allows only rudimentary functions.

In animals the astral consciousness is much more developed, and through their action in the etheric body allows the stimulation of your nervous system. The astral body is a fragment of the animals of the species of the astral body (soul group), animals that live in nature without contact with the man, his self-consciousness does not exist as we know ourselves. Are controlled by so-called spirit-soul group (each species has a soul group which controls all components of the species). It follows that all of the same species have the same type of behavior.

There is a reference to the existence of the soul group in the Qur’an, versc. 260 of the 2nd surah: “And when Abraham prayed: My Lord, show how raises the dead, God said to him: Hast thou not yet believe? He said: Yes, but make it to calm my heart. I told him, ‘Take four birds, train them to come back to you, and puts one of them on every mountain; call them then they will come swiftly to thee: and know that Allah is Mighty, Wise. ”

Note that the name Abraham is an effect of the Arabic language, and can mean another man, since the story is a parable given by Muhammad, just as Jesus and Buddha and Krishna conveyed the knowledge of the truth in parables.

In the parable cited, two events occur: the teaching of something the birds, as components of the same soul group (they are the same species), the death of them (so that there could be a part of every mountain in each), and return tocalled.

When an animal dies, the fragment of the astral body which was responsible for the impressions received from the physical world when the animal was alive (such as being single), returns to the soul group, with the impressions received in the Physical World. Unlike what happens with humans (and coincidentally as described in verse 259, the return after 100 years), there is a period of time (as we know) between reincarnations, which occur almost immediately after death, for the animal, because it has no karma, no need to sometimes long intervals between reincarnations, returning to another physical body after the outcome of the previous body.

It is easy to understand how the birds returned, did not have the same physical body before (for he was mutilated and dead), but were elements of the same soul group that received the earlier impressions. Remember that the field corresponding astral matter is woven, red or not.

The psyche of the soul group will be breaking from the moment that their animals will be individualized components, expressing emotions from and even traces of reason.

The fish are still physical ether group linked to the spirit, there is no such awakening of the astral body in the form of feelings and emotions as opposed to what occurs in cattle, horses, dolphins, dogs and other mammals, and also in birds.

But now we have animals that live in contact with the man, an awakening of individual consciousness, and today we witness such as dogs or cats that behave differently, although the base is the same behavior for the species.

Then there is an awakening of individuality in these animals as a result of their experience with our species. It follows hence our enormous responsibility in dealing with animals, because we are printing in the spirit of our attitudes.

The animals are also suffering its evolution, parallel to us, are our younger brothers, and one day will also have evolved enough to become beings whose spirit also have the opportunity to incarnate as individual beings like us. Thus is multiplied our responsibility to these beings. As we have evolved over the obligation to care for them and protect them as they are the biggest culprits in the destruction of their homes and food sources! It’s absurd and abhorrent that we are responsible for monstrous projects such as raising animals for slaughter them in the most stupid, inflicting suffering that are manifest in the astral world as beings who acquire more horror to humans.

We should instead contribute to its evolution, giving love and affection to these beings who are like innocent children in front of us, you can help, companion and source of food and warmth without requiring them to inflict any suffering.

The animals share our planet and also walk in the path of evolution, each in its specific evolution. Each living being is an experience of the cosmos to the pursuit of perfection, and we are not entitled to interfere in the course of life of these beings because we would be interfering in the course of evolution itself.

Animals are also our school love. Faithful friends and companions for life, are often relegated to the category of irrational when they are infinitely more sensible than us.

Beings of complete innocence, children of creation, are neglected, abused and mutilated by beings of our own species!

How many laboratories still use the suffering of these beings to manufacture their products? How many are savagely tortured in the name of science?

It’s more than proven that animal experiments are not necessary, do not bring any benefit, they are wasting time and money, if this argument is stronger than the murder for many!

Currently it is possible to test all the substances in a laboratory in tissue culture cells, essays by computer. No more logical excuse for them to concentration camps still exist!

In the book ‘Learning to respect life’, a compilation of various authors, we have this example of Philippe Mailhebiau

‘More than 800 million animals are euthanized each year for medicine – mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, monkeys, turtles, dogs, horses, donkeys, goats … These animals are blinded by acid, laser or cosmetic; his hair is shaved, given electric shocks, they are cut, immersed in water repeatedly inoculated with deadly viruses, poisoned, disembowelled, frozen, condemned to die of hunger, thirst, heat or cold, and also of madness (when not suicide), after having them cut off several glands or severed spine – all in the name of every kind of experience ‘

This is not fiction, nor exaggeration, is the reality that is happening, and we can no longer pretend that these atrocities are far from us.

Respect for all human beings and all beings around us is essential, in every being is the ultimate proof of the superior perfection, and all its manifestations must be respected as we would respect ourselves. So the ‘love your neighbor as yourself and God above all things’ For the next is just another aspect of ourselves, and God is all around us perfection manifested in all that we can witness how nature dictates, or Universe. Everything is the same name of God, or Brahma, or Logos, or Jehovah, or Allah, all these terms refer to the same nameless, as confirmed repeatedly in the most common occurrences.

Never too late to remember that Jesus was born in a manger, which means a place of feeding, in the middle of a barn, and was surrounded by animals, a baby, without any cause him any harm (as that Herod ordered the murder men of all babies in the region) …

If you chose this place to be born, who will argue in favor of torture and mass murder of animals?

The animals, or rather the souls that give rise to every ‘soul group’, or ‘great spirit’ of each animal species is a sister of our soul, which, rather than incarnating itself in an individual being, manifests bodily in more than a physical vehicle, or as a soul (or ‘mind’) individual are embodied in a single vehicle or physical body, animals represent each species, a single spiritual entity, which is manifested in the physical world taking more than one vehicle or a single body.

But this leads us to think that we, as humans, are part of the same spirit, and indeed we are, because the scriptures say we are made in the image and likeness of God, that is, we are also representatives of the spark God incarnate, that spark that came out of that imaginary sun beginning of the story, and that, as we conclude, at the time of physical death is not that spark back to its origin, but still individually, in company with his brothers, his evolutionary scale, which for us humans, it means the angel-hood, ie, true transform ourselves, and not metaphorically, in angels.


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