nirvana in english for all people

The Quran is the text that brings the best setting for the issue of different religions face the truth:

‘There is no compulsion in religion, because they stood out truth from error. Those who deny the seductive and believe in God, shall have been attached to a firm and unshakable bulwark, because God is Oniouviente, Knowing. (Vers.256, 2nd Sura) ‘

This ‘seductive’ is nothing more than illusions about the material world and God, the perfection and oneness of all creation. In the same way when Jesus refers to Mammon, is referring to the material world.

The doctrines that are now closer to the truth are the East (of Brahman in Hinduism and Krishna, and Buddha’s teaching), and Islamic, and the Islamic suffered similarly changing the interpretation of sacred writings (in this caseQur’an) as the Christian doctrine, the misinterpretation of the sacred writings (the Bible).

The Eastern doctrine more enlightening is the Hindu, it demonstrates a clear and didactic way the stocks of the etheric double (pranamayakosha), the interaction with the physical body (Stûlopâdhi), and the mechanism of reincarnation. There was a fusion of the doctrines of Krishna and Buddha, and the union of both offers ample clarification about the perfection of the universe. The doctrine of Buddha is the perfect match that will provide relevant information for men to get rid of suffering due to lack of information about the reality of spiritual life, and offers a rule of conduct for those who want to get rid of all oppression in the worldmaterialistic and thus can achieve perfection, or so-called Buddhahood.

In Hindu doctrine, God is defined as Brahman, which manifests itself in three forms that act simultaneously maintaining the perfection of the universe, Brahma, Shiva and Visnhu.

Brahma is responsible for creating, maintaining and Shiva Visnhu destruction.The interesting thing is that Krishna is the manifestation of Visnhu incarnate, and manifested itself in order to clarify the beings, that is to keep the work, and is considered a predecessor incarnation of Christ, who spoke with the same goal and can be compared his teachings with those of Krishna by comparing the Gospel to the Bhagavad Gita, which is nothing more than a compilation of spoken explanations, as well as the gospel.

Thus the spirit incarnated again to perform the same function, and left his teaching in the same way, but the rampant materialism of his predecessors led the corruption and loss of their teachings. No wonder, for when alive, instead of being hailed and revered, and mostly understood, was cruelly humiliated and murdered!.

The doctrine of Buddha does not refer directly to the existence of a God, but the notion of a perfect creation is implied. Buddha stuck more precisely will pass important information to all human beings so that they get rid of all suffering and reach a state of perfection and wisdom. As Christ and Krishna, and also Mohammed, Buddha spends much of his teachings in the form of parables, and also offers a series of rules of conduct totally logical in its structure so that everyone can attain the wisdom and consequently a state of absence of suffering (Buddhahood).

The “religious” always tend to condemn the spiritual information as if it is placed against the notion of God and Christ, but what actually happens is that the spiritual science only further confirms the Divine perfection and further glorify the teachings of Christ. We must also point out that the term religion refers to ‘reconnect’ re the term because once we’ve been closer to this understanding (until now that the church itself out and grasp it, when he took to himself the sacred texts, misrepresented their and information included in these dogmas and papal bulls …).

What was more serious was the failure of the Church to convey the most basic teaching: the reincarnation as a reality, not fantasy. Is more than clear in the gospel: only father who comes to be born again. What else can mean born again but the very mechanism of reincarnation, where we, individual spirits, abandon the fleshly body that no longer serves us to simply move on our journey to knowledge and love through a new body?

Nothing can be more logical and clear than this wonderful and fair way for all of us can achieve the ultimate goal of all human beings: the evolution in all directions. It is obvious that no one can achieve this outcome in a single life!

Is more than clear that we are all in different degrees of spiritual evolution, or is it a mere chance that there may be genetic people with the intellectual capacity of an Einstein, the wisdom of a Gandhi, a love of neighbor Francis Xavier if this is not explained by reincarnation, where spirits go to the evolution and reborn bringing with it the result of its previous evolution, how can one explain so many differences within the same human species?

If this is the only logical explanation for many differences, for so many coincidences, because they still insist on not believing? What can we prove that there is reincarnation?

The only reason I see that some people still do not believe this mechanism of universal justice, which is the opportunity for everyone to evolve, for death itself does not exist, only physical death is the fear of these people from being burdened now with the consequence of their own actions .. Yes, because when you take reincarnation as fact, therefore it is known that certain enemies do not end with death, we know that we will have to face our enemies again, either in this life, with these disembodied as obsessive, is Next, with these as our own relatives …

We must now consider another important aspect of reincarnation: the Law of Action and Reaction. Everything we do will later be returned to us, we do a good return, just as we do in a bad …

It is simple now identify the law of action and reaction at all levels: former enemies incarnated as brothers for no apparent reason is that mutual dislike, despise those who come into our lives as children thirsting for love and understanding, sympathy and love to first glance are now understood, as well as congenital diseases character without explanation in the matter are clarified by the Law of Karma.

And the law of karma is just another name for the law of action and reaction, at all levels of Creation.

The fall of entire civilizations that occur cyclically spiral with astonishing symmetry of events are not random, but the incarnation of nations drawn by the law of karma, left to settle accounts in the past.

While men do not realize that the key to the output of this cycle is in your OWN improvement, will become incarnate to suffer physically redeem their faults, these faults arising only from misuse of their free will. When we reach the perfection known to us by performing daily in our own surveillance and correction, both in relation to our body and mind and in relation to our neighbor, then we are freed from suffering, the embodiment using only learning about the elements of creation and the exercise of love.


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