nirvana in english for all people

NEW YEAR to whom?

2012, 2013, 1455, a year, what difference does it make?

Just a change of day and night, plus a rotation of the Earth, another step in the rotation around the sun, plus a new dawn for a day while incarnated in this body.

Tired of doing lentils, and hopping on one foot, keeping and eating grapes and pomegranate seeds, it never made the slightest difference in the rest of my years, so this time I pass.

It’s just a convention, now begin again another year, another year of my son at school, now I never know if it’s years or series, it was all messed up, another year of anniversaries, holidays, vacations and gifts, more a year in which the cells of my body grow old and die and others are born and live fully.

End of the world? For me it’s the end of a period, starting this year who die here are taken to other places according to their evolution, and are born again on earth only those who have really learned what it is to love others. I believe it, and I hope that, now that the people who are born here just bring us joy, learning and evolution, and the world into this new phase of regeneration, and no more suffering and death.

The Jews are in another year, Muslims, like many other peoples and cultures, and you who calls himself a Christian and not remember that Jesus was a Jew?

No matter your religion, and even lack of it, what matters is to follow the golden rule of Confucius: do unto others whatever we do to us.

The Japanese got rid of Catholic Christianity in the Middle Ages and did very well for this, religion ceases to be rewiring only when it becomes political.

Reconnect with your inner divine, we are all gods, image what you want and it will become reality.

And the fact is now before it happens before your eyes, before it happens in our mind.

If release mentally, to take control of your life, your true life, not January 1, 2012, but the next day you’re living here, breathing, do something truly useful, become a better person.


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