nirvana in english for all people


Of all the physical sickness 10% has pure environmental causes and the other 90% are caused by the lack of balance of the perfect physical body, by karmic or behavior causes, as so by astral causes, like obsessions, magic and spells.

First of all we have to cure our ignorance, and then try to cure our diseases .

The big Maya in the oriental philosophy is the illusion of we think that the material world is all that is, ignoring our spiritual life and giving an overestimated value to the material world, which causes also evil things like greed and avarice.

When we free ourselves of the pure cerebral (or material) vision of the world, and assume as truth our existence in the astral world we free ourselves from the Maya, and stop worrying about daily things, cause in the big picture all suffer is learning, and leads us to the way of evolution. And when we stop suffering, and also include here our suffer for material things and to this life as the only life, we enter in what the buddhist call NIRVANA, and is the same thing the christians call SALVATION.

Is the simple state of mind of pure bliss and lack of suffering, cause heaven and hell are also inside our minds. Once you admit that earth in only a manifestation of the bigger life, the eternal life, we are free from the Maya, and awake in the true life, where there is no death, only change of bodies.


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