nirvana in english for all people


Now we face another problem, how to understand what is written in such an enigmatic way? Many people just stop at the beginning of the Genesis: God created Adam, Eve, Paradise… how did the third son of them married someone else?????

This kind of literal understanding is the cause of the Bible being target as a farse by many people.

The first book, written by Moses, Genesis, refers to the beginning of human race with consciousness of its individuality, in a poetic and metaphoric way, to be well received by that people who was written for, 5 thousands years ago. Genesis brings some very accurate infos about the formation of the universe, of the planet, its geological formation and the appearance of many species , in a chronological way , but in a metaphorical texts: days of creation are in fact millions of years, Adam and Eve represents the beginning of civilization with consciousness of its role in the world, searching for knowledge and building things, not only living as animals in Paradise. This point on poetry and real things are mixed up , and relates what happened before the establishment of the hebrew people.

There is a lot of people that doesn’t know that this first part of the Bible is only about the hebrew people, and few less knows that this is because they are one of the only monotheist people at time (2  – 3 thousands years before Christ). The egyptian people , as the many other people believed in many Gods, and they praised and worshiped their gods in many ways, sometimes with sacrifices of animals and also human beings.

Moses related all by a point of view that everything was created by just one form of intelligence, a divinity superior of the humans, and it was the source of all the perfect laws of nature. This one divinity was so called God , and make the difference between these people from the others, that believed that each nature force was caused by a different god. The Abraham people believed that all nature and its forces are caused by the same divinity.

(the same way our science today agrees that all the universe was caused by a one single event, the Big Bang, and you can relate this event to the God , cause this supposed first event all in the Cosmos was created and organized in a such strange clever way, such as really an perfect intelligence was behind all the astronomic events that leads us to be here now breathing and thinking in this tiny planet..)


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