nirvana in english for all people


At first we must consider correct all the doctrines that are based over the gospel. Cause there is no argument that could be against the biggest law: to love others like ourselves. There is no arguments against the Truth. But there are too many falses interpretation of the gospel, caused by human greed and selfishness, humans in the highest positions of the Church, and what should be the message of love and enlightment turns out in controversy and obscurity.

The greatest prove of this was Inquisition itself, where the Church broke the Biggest Law “in the name of God”, as God needed someone to defend him!

The ignorance over the sacred text leads millions to call themselves Christians, but have prejudice and hate over others.

Thousands of so called christians broke the Ten Laws and the biggest law, and they judge themselves so high they can reach paradise…

And even over this they are wrong, in this image of hell and heaven created by the Church, a twisted version of the Truth, just to put fear on people , cause their only salvation from hell will be the Church itself.

In the medieval times the Church was the greatest power over the Europe people, was the greatest earth power, and to stay so kept people in ignorance  about the gospel in its true essence. No infos about reencarnation, in spite of the Christ words: you only reach God by born again.

How many important information the Church have hided, how many useless dogmas could be eliminated.

So today is not a surprise when we hear things like: God doesn’t exist, Christ is a fraude. Is the logic answer to so many years of lies and abuse of this Church. It is it’s own fault that The Church has no credit today, cause it turns itself so far away from the Truth since the beginning.

The message is here, for over 2000 years, and at least 500 years open to everyone (since when Luther bravely translated its texts from greek to german, against the Church will, being so banished from the Church and prosecuted as an herege)


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