nirvana in english for all people


For the apprentice who wants to study the esoteric sciences there is a double goal: to prove that men is identical , in physical and spiritual essence, to the Absolute Principle and to God of Nature (or the Goddess of magic), and to demonstrate the presence of the same potencial existent in the creational forces of nature in men – a perfect knowledge of the links between COLORS, NUMBERS and SOUNDS.

It is already known, for these magic scientist, that the understanding of these mutual links of these numbers in its most various and complex combinations, its correspondence to sounds and words, the speed of the movement (represented in physics as VIBRATIONS), for its depends all the progress for those who studies the occult sciences”

Blavatsky in The  Doutrin

It is arrived the time that all that was hidden will be revealed, we are living the days that finally all this will make some sense for all those who are searching the truth about the meaning of life.

These Blavatsky text was written in 1855!

“our seven senses corresponds to each seven of the nature and in ourselves. Physical , still it is invisible, the Human Auric Body (the amnion of the physical man in each step of its life) have seven layers, as the cosmic space and our physical skin. These Aura, depending of our physical state, either shows us other worlds, or cover them all, except this material tri dimensional world.

Each one of our seven physical senses (two of them are still unknown by common science), there is also seven states of consciousness:


waken dreams

natural sleep

induced sleep or trance



purely spiritual


They correspond to each one of the seven cosmic stages, we develop and use the seven senses, and they are directly connected in the earthly – spiritual way with the cosmic center force that gave rise to them, being its direct creator.

Each one of us is also connected and under direct influence of each one of the seven sacred planets”

The following text is from the book I finished: The Kingdom of Gods, from Geoffrey Hodson.

“So Logos and men are not only one and essence but everything there is in logos, including the solar system , are innate to men. Its constitution are precisely similar, seven. Men, as the monad (the pure spirit or light), is also transcendent, in its manifestation field, their seven principles.

The power and creational process under a solar system comes to existence also operates in human reproduction, and following body development. (…). The man is itself the study of humanity and self knowledge, cause when man knows himself truly, knows EVERYTHING”



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