nirvana in english for all people

The duplicity is the essence of the godess religion. The existence of a feminine principle, and a male one, God and Goddess. We always refer to God as a father, the male principle, but we forget that the same way that exist a male principle, there is a feminine one. Goddess is represented by the moon, and its various stages represents the different steps of the existence of the godess: the pregnant woman, at the full moon, mother and old woman, the wisdom, and death, that is also the beginning. These representations are also present in the various nature stages, the various  seasons, representing the harvest, de rest and the sowing.

The religion of the goddess is one of the most ancient, its followers didn’t think of the religions as something aside, as we do these days, but as a guide for all the existence.

The celebrations of this ancient religion are still present in our life, as halloween, that represents the new year, the beginning of a new cycle, as the end of a season and the beginning of another.

The moon representing the goddess is the circle in the magic symbol, which is the pentagram inside the circle. The star represents the sun, the male God, and the union of both is the symbol of the ancient religion.

The moon is the night, the femininity, the sensibility and all that it rules, the Sun represents the day, the strength of the male, its energy and all that its rules.

The religion of the goddess is what completes the religion of the God, is the beginning and end of all our questions, the balance represented in the yin yang symbol, one inside the other, the both of them completing themselves.

It is the religion that connects the human being again with its nature, its origin, merging its life in the cycle of the Earth. The church of magic is earth itself, do not need temples or constructions. The nature elements are its strength and all we can command and all we are submissive to. The respect for nature and all it surrounds means respect to everything, including we, the human beings. An this is the respect that lacks us for us to evolve.

All religions leads us to God, and the magic leads us to its complement, the Goddess. Jeovah is the combination of two words, Jah, the male, and Eve , the woman.


“where you can find the biggest God temple on Earth?

– In the heart of men is the most perfect temple for worship God, the temple of meditation and love, the temple always available , in any time, anywhere, day or night, in a big city or in the desert, cause love, worship and the temple are just one in Father’s glory. What other construction could replace it?”



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