nirvana in english for all people


It is easy to understand the desperation of human beings, that are so badly informed of the immortality of their souls, facing the closer death. We see death in daily basis, end if we do not know what happen after, it is so natural that we stick so close to our material life.

It is justified by this ignorance that millions of people worried so much and unnecessarily  with this earthly life, living is such a hurry and constant stress, in a useless run against time.

When we accept the multiple lives true, we lose our desperate fear of death all of a sudden, cause we can face calmly the fact that physical death is nothing more then the end of a journey of our spirit in the material world, when we free ourselves from the material body and pass trough another transition between one life and another, and this transition time is absolutely needful for us to evaluate what it is left to be learned and what we need to repair, by the actions we did on earthly life. So, if it is necessary, we go another time to another earthy physical life, or we will be send, by perfection of Creation, to another worlds to continue our learning about all that is.

It is amazing when we compare our west vision of death to the east people vision, those people who believe like Buddhist and Hindu.

For us, when somebody dies is a tragedy, only for use to feel sorry and sad, and no joy at all. This is something those people sees as a really strange thing, cause they already know that the soul is trapped in this physical body, till the moment we are released, in a lapse by dreams, and finally by death (not suicidal, this one just trappes our soul to a repetition during all the time we supposed to be alive in the material body).

If we really believe that our soul is immortal, we should be already awaken for the reality that death is just another way of reborn. The reborn of a spirit that finished another incarnation and comes back to the whole consciousness in its eternal journey under the evolution law.

So when are we gonna change our obtuse ways of being only sad in grieve? Are we not being s selfish , thinking only in our material bodies, that gets old and sick and comes back to material earth?

Think about your soul, that finally gets free of an painful existence and now comes back to its immortal condition. And that can again being born on earth, if it is meant to be?

Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the Anthroposophical science, who was born in 1861, in his book “Karma manifestations”make a reference to what happend when we die physicaly. He reveals that when etereal body separates itself of physical body occurs an event called KAMALOKA.

This term represents one of the most important moments of a human being life: it is the moment when there will be defined the routes of his next incarnation, at the moment of physical death.

A succession of images of the whole life of the being goes trough his spiritual eyes, as a movie (this was so many times related by those who passed trough a coma state or a almost dead state and stays in our material sphere) .

This kinda movie provokes feelings to the transition being, so this spirit feels his earthly acts in his astral body. When, for example, he  sees the moment he did something wrong or painful to someone, he feels himself like the other being, ans so his guilty feelings wants an opportunity to repair this, and so it is possible in his next life on a material body. We look for the moment when we can finally repair our mistakes, make our reconciliation. This is the way we can explain all those feelings of sympathy or dislike for someone we say we never met (here), and incarnations of enemies as brothers, cause this condition will make it easier to repair old mistakes.


And can you imagine something more divine then this justice, that enable us all to repair our mistakes even after death?


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