nirvana in english for all people


We always believe that our thoughts was the only things that nobody could reach, and this way, acting like true hypocrites, we act in a way truly oposite as we think. We find someone that makes us greedy, and then we vibe these thoughts to the victim, with so kindly words at side. We judge ourselves so smart, cause we think nobody would know what is really inside our minds right?

And so we are all deadly wrong! Our thoughts are the most public things ever!! And is rare that our thoughts are truly OURS. So many times we receive other people thoughts, and we almost never realize this.

We comunicate ourselves with the other beings in two main forms, and we act in our environment by these two ways too. All that is manifested in one way or other will become true, and we have all responsibilities for all the things we create. These two forms of interaction are: thoughts and words.

Cause all words we say become alive and acting. If it is a good word, we will receive good things in several ways, but, if is a bad thing, we will receive it too, cause this is the immutable Law: action and reaction.

And it works the same if we think about something. Our mind behaves as a radio station, receiving and spreading waves, as we change our way of thinking, we tune in different stations,  and so we will receive and also spread these waves. Each thought, also as each word, is forever attached to its source, and will always return to it. There is the meaning of jesus words: pray and watch. Pray meaning the connection to high vibes in our thoughts, this will bring to us protection and bliss in our earthly lives.

So let’s stop being hypocrites, cause we cannot hide anything and we make ourselves worst. Let’s be lucid! We have to face the fact that we are NOT ALONE HERE! And everything there is, was not became real just for our selfishness and ignorance. No! All that surrounds us , this planet, that is our home and food, all the living things there exists with us, every perfection living in each tree and each birth reveals to us the brighter truth: we are here to LEARN, learn always and forever, to know everything about everything, and most important of all, to NOT DO to others what we wouldn’t do to ourselves. Because everyone live in its own illusion, as we are till now, and everyone has needs and feelings, the same way we do.


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