nirvana in english for all people


There is a big interpretation mistake when we talk about love. What is love anyway? Love is only simply the good will. When we care about someone, truly, this is love. All that is outside this feeling of good will is no longer inside the love matter. Physical attraction, passion, jealousy, all this does not belong to love, they all belong to selfishness and ignorance about the other persons freedom.

So is clear now for we to understand what was Jesus goal when he reveals the most important law: love others like yourselves. It just means: wish good for all people. It means that we should do to others what we wish them to do for ourselves. (This sentence is believed to be spoken by Haliel Rabi, about 4 a.C)

If we just stop and think about it, it is so easy to realize that if we all follow this simply law, no other law will be necessary for everyones behavior.


Love is a gift that we can give endlessly for all people, but, as a gift, we have to respect the fact that anyone who receive it to do whatever they want to it.

Someones will keep it, others multiply it, and others, sadly, throw it away.



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