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NEW YEAR to whom?

2012, 2013, 1455, a year, what difference does it make?

Just a change of day and night, plus a rotation of the Earth, another step in the rotation around the sun, plus a new dawn for a day while incarnated in this body.

Tired of doing lentils, and hopping on one foot, keeping and eating grapes and pomegranate seeds, it never made the slightest difference in the rest of my years, so this time I pass.

It’s just a convention, now begin again another year, another year of my son at school, now I never know if it’s years or series, it was all messed up, another year of anniversaries, holidays, vacations and gifts, more a year in which the cells of my body grow old and die and others are born and live fully.

End of the world? For me it’s the end of a period, starting this year who die here are taken to other places according to their evolution, and are born again on earth only those who have really learned what it is to love others. I believe it, and I hope that, now that the people who are born here just bring us joy, learning and evolution, and the world into this new phase of regeneration, and no more suffering and death.

The Jews are in another year, Muslims, like many other peoples and cultures, and you who calls himself a Christian and not remember that Jesus was a Jew?

No matter your religion, and even lack of it, what matters is to follow the golden rule of Confucius: do unto others whatever we do to us.

The Japanese got rid of Catholic Christianity in the Middle Ages and did very well for this, religion ceases to be rewiring only when it becomes political.

Reconnect with your inner divine, we are all gods, image what you want and it will become reality.

And the fact is now before it happens before your eyes, before it happens in our mind.

If release mentally, to take control of your life, your true life, not January 1, 2012, but the next day you’re living here, breathing, do something truly useful, become a better person.



Of all the physical sickness 10% has pure environmental causes and the other 90% are caused by the lack of balance of the perfect physical body, by karmic or behavior causes, as so by astral causes, like obsessions, magic and spells.

First of all we have to cure our ignorance, and then try to cure our diseases .

The big Maya in the oriental philosophy is the illusion of we think that the material world is all that is, ignoring our spiritual life and giving an overestimated value to the material world, which causes also evil things like greed and avarice.

When we free ourselves of the pure cerebral (or material) vision of the world, and assume as truth our existence in the astral world we free ourselves from the Maya, and stop worrying about daily things, cause in the big picture all suffer is learning, and leads us to the way of evolution. And when we stop suffering, and also include here our suffer for material things and to this life as the only life, we enter in what the buddhist call NIRVANA, and is the same thing the christians call SALVATION.

Is the simple state of mind of pure bliss and lack of suffering, cause heaven and hell are also inside our minds. Once you admit that earth in only a manifestation of the bigger life, the eternal life, we are free from the Maya, and awake in the true life, where there is no death, only change of bodies.


Now we face another problem, how to understand what is written in such an enigmatic way? Many people just stop at the beginning of the Genesis: God created Adam, Eve, Paradise… how did the third son of them married someone else?????

This kind of literal understanding is the cause of the Bible being target as a farse by many people.

The first book, written by Moses, Genesis, refers to the beginning of human race with consciousness of its individuality, in a poetic and metaphoric way, to be well received by that people who was written for, 5 thousands years ago. Genesis brings some very accurate infos about the formation of the universe, of the planet, its geological formation and the appearance of many species , in a chronological way , but in a metaphorical texts: days of creation are in fact millions of years, Adam and Eve represents the beginning of civilization with consciousness of its role in the world, searching for knowledge and building things, not only living as animals in Paradise. This point on poetry and real things are mixed up , and relates what happened before the establishment of the hebrew people.

There is a lot of people that doesn’t know that this first part of the Bible is only about the hebrew people, and few less knows that this is because they are one of the only monotheist people at time (2  – 3 thousands years before Christ). The egyptian people , as the many other people believed in many Gods, and they praised and worshiped their gods in many ways, sometimes with sacrifices of animals and also human beings.

Moses related all by a point of view that everything was created by just one form of intelligence, a divinity superior of the humans, and it was the source of all the perfect laws of nature. This one divinity was so called God , and make the difference between these people from the others, that believed that each nature force was caused by a different god. The Abraham people believed that all nature and its forces are caused by the same divinity.

(the same way our science today agrees that all the universe was caused by a one single event, the Big Bang, and you can relate this event to the God , cause this supposed first event all in the Cosmos was created and organized in a such strange clever way, such as really an perfect intelligence was behind all the astronomic events that leads us to be here now breathing and thinking in this tiny planet..)


At first we must consider correct all the doctrines that are based over the gospel. Cause there is no argument that could be against the biggest law: to love others like ourselves. There is no arguments against the Truth. But there are too many falses interpretation of the gospel, caused by human greed and selfishness, humans in the highest positions of the Church, and what should be the message of love and enlightment turns out in controversy and obscurity.

The greatest prove of this was Inquisition itself, where the Church broke the Biggest Law “in the name of God”, as God needed someone to defend him!

The ignorance over the sacred text leads millions to call themselves Christians, but have prejudice and hate over others.

Thousands of so called christians broke the Ten Laws and the biggest law, and they judge themselves so high they can reach paradise…

And even over this they are wrong, in this image of hell and heaven created by the Church, a twisted version of the Truth, just to put fear on people , cause their only salvation from hell will be the Church itself.

In the medieval times the Church was the greatest power over the Europe people, was the greatest earth power, and to stay so kept people in ignorance  about the gospel in its true essence. No infos about reencarnation, in spite of the Christ words: you only reach God by born again.

How many important information the Church have hided, how many useless dogmas could be eliminated.

So today is not a surprise when we hear things like: God doesn’t exist, Christ is a fraude. Is the logic answer to so many years of lies and abuse of this Church. It is it’s own fault that The Church has no credit today, cause it turns itself so far away from the Truth since the beginning.

The message is here, for over 2000 years, and at least 500 years open to everyone (since when Luther bravely translated its texts from greek to german, against the Church will, being so banished from the Church and prosecuted as an herege)


For the apprentice who wants to study the esoteric sciences there is a double goal: to prove that men is identical , in physical and spiritual essence, to the Absolute Principle and to God of Nature (or the Goddess of magic), and to demonstrate the presence of the same potencial existent in the creational forces of nature in men – a perfect knowledge of the links between COLORS, NUMBERS and SOUNDS.

It is already known, for these magic scientist, that the understanding of these mutual links of these numbers in its most various and complex combinations, its correspondence to sounds and words, the speed of the movement (represented in physics as VIBRATIONS), for its depends all the progress for those who studies the occult sciences”

Blavatsky in The  Doutrin

It is arrived the time that all that was hidden will be revealed, we are living the days that finally all this will make some sense for all those who are searching the truth about the meaning of life.

These Blavatsky text was written in 1855!

“our seven senses corresponds to each seven of the nature and in ourselves. Physical , still it is invisible, the Human Auric Body (the amnion of the physical man in each step of its life) have seven layers, as the cosmic space and our physical skin. These Aura, depending of our physical state, either shows us other worlds, or cover them all, except this material tri dimensional world.

Each one of our seven physical senses (two of them are still unknown by common science), there is also seven states of consciousness:


waken dreams

natural sleep

induced sleep or trance



purely spiritual


They correspond to each one of the seven cosmic stages, we develop and use the seven senses, and they are directly connected in the earthly – spiritual way with the cosmic center force that gave rise to them, being its direct creator.

Each one of us is also connected and under direct influence of each one of the seven sacred planets”

The following text is from the book I finished: The Kingdom of Gods, from Geoffrey Hodson.

“So Logos and men are not only one and essence but everything there is in logos, including the solar system , are innate to men. Its constitution are precisely similar, seven. Men, as the monad (the pure spirit or light), is also transcendent, in its manifestation field, their seven principles.

The power and creational process under a solar system comes to existence also operates in human reproduction, and following body development. (…). The man is itself the study of humanity and self knowledge, cause when man knows himself truly, knows EVERYTHING”


GOD AND GODDESS – duplicity in the magic vision

The duplicity is the essence of the godess religion. The existence of a feminine principle, and a male one, God and Goddess. We always refer to God as a father, the male principle, but we forget that the same way that exist a male principle, there is a feminine one. Goddess is represented by the moon, and its various stages represents the different steps of the existence of the godess: the pregnant woman, at the full moon, mother and old woman, the wisdom, and death, that is also the beginning. These representations are also present in the various nature stages, the various  seasons, representing the harvest, de rest and the sowing.

The religion of the goddess is one of the most ancient, its followers didn’t think of the religions as something aside, as we do these days, but as a guide for all the existence.

The celebrations of this ancient religion are still present in our life, as halloween, that represents the new year, the beginning of a new cycle, as the end of a season and the beginning of another.

The moon representing the goddess is the circle in the magic symbol, which is the pentagram inside the circle. The star represents the sun, the male God, and the union of both is the symbol of the ancient religion.

The moon is the night, the femininity, the sensibility and all that it rules, the Sun represents the day, the strength of the male, its energy and all that its rules.

The religion of the goddess is what completes the religion of the God, is the beginning and end of all our questions, the balance represented in the yin yang symbol, one inside the other, the both of them completing themselves.

It is the religion that connects the human being again with its nature, its origin, merging its life in the cycle of the Earth. The church of magic is earth itself, do not need temples or constructions. The nature elements are its strength and all we can command and all we are submissive to. The respect for nature and all it surrounds means respect to everything, including we, the human beings. An this is the respect that lacks us for us to evolve.

All religions leads us to God, and the magic leads us to its complement, the Goddess. Jeovah is the combination of two words, Jah, the male, and Eve , the woman.


“where you can find the biggest God temple on Earth?

– In the heart of men is the most perfect temple for worship God, the temple of meditation and love, the temple always available , in any time, anywhere, day or night, in a big city or in the desert, cause love, worship and the temple are just one in Father’s glory. What other construction could replace it?”



It is easy to understand the desperation of human beings, that are so badly informed of the immortality of their souls, facing the closer death. We see death in daily basis, end if we do not know what happen after, it is so natural that we stick so close to our material life.

It is justified by this ignorance that millions of people worried so much and unnecessarily  with this earthly life, living is such a hurry and constant stress, in a useless run against time.

When we accept the multiple lives true, we lose our desperate fear of death all of a sudden, cause we can face calmly the fact that physical death is nothing more then the end of a journey of our spirit in the material world, when we free ourselves from the material body and pass trough another transition between one life and another, and this transition time is absolutely needful for us to evaluate what it is left to be learned and what we need to repair, by the actions we did on earthly life. So, if it is necessary, we go another time to another earthy physical life, or we will be send, by perfection of Creation, to another worlds to continue our learning about all that is.

It is amazing when we compare our west vision of death to the east people vision, those people who believe like Buddhist and Hindu.

For us, when somebody dies is a tragedy, only for use to feel sorry and sad, and no joy at all. This is something those people sees as a really strange thing, cause they already know that the soul is trapped in this physical body, till the moment we are released, in a lapse by dreams, and finally by death (not suicidal, this one just trappes our soul to a repetition during all the time we supposed to be alive in the material body).

If we really believe that our soul is immortal, we should be already awaken for the reality that death is just another way of reborn. The reborn of a spirit that finished another incarnation and comes back to the whole consciousness in its eternal journey under the evolution law.

So when are we gonna change our obtuse ways of being only sad in grieve? Are we not being s selfish , thinking only in our material bodies, that gets old and sick and comes back to material earth?

Think about your soul, that finally gets free of an painful existence and now comes back to its immortal condition. And that can again being born on earth, if it is meant to be?

Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the Anthroposophical science, who was born in 1861, in his book “Karma manifestations”make a reference to what happend when we die physicaly. He reveals that when etereal body separates itself of physical body occurs an event called KAMALOKA.

This term represents one of the most important moments of a human being life: it is the moment when there will be defined the routes of his next incarnation, at the moment of physical death.

A succession of images of the whole life of the being goes trough his spiritual eyes, as a movie (this was so many times related by those who passed trough a coma state or a almost dead state and stays in our material sphere) .

This kinda movie provokes feelings to the transition being, so this spirit feels his earthly acts in his astral body. When, for example, he  sees the moment he did something wrong or painful to someone, he feels himself like the other being, ans so his guilty feelings wants an opportunity to repair this, and so it is possible in his next life on a material body. We look for the moment when we can finally repair our mistakes, make our reconciliation. This is the way we can explain all those feelings of sympathy or dislike for someone we say we never met (here), and incarnations of enemies as brothers, cause this condition will make it easier to repair old mistakes.


And can you imagine something more divine then this justice, that enable us all to repair our mistakes even after death?

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