nirvana in english for all people


“all religions has been talking about this transition, in a way or another, is a common ground: is a suffering time for the earth, that harvest the results of its reluctance to follow the Jesus teachings left behind on the gospel texts (forget about all the churches, I am talking here only about what he spoke and that is registered in gospels, that means only: good news).

The work that awaits us is hard and complicated, and now we know that our brothers located in the spiritual abysses , running away from the light, denying to reincarnate, are compelled to get a last chance in a physical life.

Evil will spread even more over the planet, but still we have all conditions to win, because great are the numbers of good spirits that come from other dimensions to helps us , to help those who are solid in the purpose of work for the common good, for themselves and for others. These helpers will sustain the incarnate spirits and also those who are in the spiritual level of earth, working for the progress of the planet.

A lot of spirits are stubborn to stay in evil, they delude themselves that they can retard the evolution of the planet, and do all they can do delay progress, and if this was possible, even to stop it.

But the moment is arrived for the planet to reborn. A lot of people are receiving the benefits of reincarnation, which represents their last chance to live on earth. Many others has been collected and sent to primitives worlds, on the earliest levels of evolution, to do it all again, living all the steps, because they didn’t grab the chance they had here.

Seize this incarnation, the consciousness starts to awake, keep lucid.

It is arrived the transition moment of Earth from a place of suffering to a place of construction, and the spirit teachings of Kardec are the most important target from evil forces, cause it reveals the truth behind Jesus words.

For the agents of evil is too important to shut up all his followers, cause Kardec calls to the awakening of men consciousness, the same way Jesus did for the first cristians and then the political Church blocked and distorted all his teachings to keep men ignorant.

The stubborn spirits, that wants to stay on evil will have more power to act, they will gain more control over men minds, cause men ignore the true power of mental waves, they mixed their thoughts with ours, making us believe that we control our minds ourselves.

It is necessary to dull men, to keep their consciousness more and more blocked, so they won’t see, won’t listen, and MORE IMPORTANT: cannot THINK ”

From the book : THE ANGELS JOURNEY , modified to a better understanding.



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