nirvana in english for all people


It doesn’t matter your religion, even if you do not have one, in these days that seems that everything is wrong, turn upside down, in this world where childrens are sick people’s victims, where sons kills parents, where fathers rape doughters and thieves kills pregnant women, we all whant to know: HOW CAN WE PROTECT OURSELVES?

All the secrets are in the vibes we spread.

The same way there are a color and temperature scale, there is in our body a source of vibes according of our thoughts and feelings.

The calmer we are, our facial muscles relax, we wear a smooth face, almost smiling, and we spread a high frequency vibe that for the ones capable of seeing have a blue to light rose color. This is the vibe of peace, calm and love.

And this vibe spreads LIGHT. The closer we are of fraternal love the more happy we are with our life, the better our vibes, the lore enlighted we are, and the more light we attract.

People (incarnated and not) with anger, jealousy, envy, hate, revenge desires, malice, greedy, twisted and evil they all spread low frequency vibes, that goes from red to black, the absence of light.

By the law of attraction, we attract the way we vibe.

To be understand as LIGHT: friends, angels, protectors, Jeses, God (and as more light, more warmness)

And as absence of light: revenge spirits, ignorantes, malice, suffering, dangerous, devils, enemies. Is not by chance we call this people cold blooded.

Spirits (incarnated or not) without light, that lives in the darkness of envy, of selfishness, of evil and malice are REPELLED by light. The light disturbes them, and they prefer to stay away from it. They follow those who have the same vibe they have.

The same way a thief is repelled by light and cannot see you, also an angel is attracted by your thoughts and will follow you.

So, the only protection really effective we have is our OWN MIND! Vibe light and attract good things, the laws of physics are the same laws of life: similar attracts similar.

Even so, if something happens remember: we have many lives before this one, and we bring lots of karma to deal with: we crop what we seed, and attract what we are.

Want to change the world? Start changing your own life, your own thoughts, from them comes out words and acts, and we are responsible for every word and every act we left here.


from love comes the light we all need



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