nirvana in english for all people


The free will is something that means not only the freedom of  choice, but something we have since we have taken consciousness of ourselves. Since then we realize that we can act differently from others of our same species , that we can make CONSCIOUSNESS CHOICES : this is the Free Will.

When God showed the Tree of Knowledge to Adam and Eve and said “this is forbidden to you”, He was proposing the consciousness choice: it can always be this way OR you can choose differently and deal with the consequences. God not only showed the Truth (The Knowledge  and The God and Evil Tree) but showed the consequences of this knowledge: Physical death and need to work and sweat for his life.

So we can see another two things: the divine love, that allows os to experience the mortal life (‘the death is certain’) and the gift of all other things needed to our material life, the only thing we have to do is DO something to get it.

It is of MAIN importance that we realize that this Biblical part does NOT referes to the SEXUAL ACT in any way, although the Catholic Church always wanted us to believe so. The ORIGINAL SIN, fault of the women, is not SEX but KNOWLEDGE! The women represented in the figure of Eve CHOOSE the knowledge, and instead of leading the whole humanity to ignorance lead us to LIFE, trough the educational means of reencarnation.

And so we go further, according to the WRONG interpretation, the Church explained the Baptism as a way to get free from sin, and this is not so. The Baptism is a way to the human being to begin a NEW LIFE since he learns the right ways of love. The ORIGINAL SIN should be glorified: was the sin of choosing the KNOWLEDGE trough FREE WILL.

Woman is not a symbol of sin, but the symbol of knowledge, no wonder are the women body the one who carries the new life: she is stronger, and wiser.

The new incarnation should no be seen only as karma, but as a way to achieve knowledge, Adam wanted, since the beginning, the knowledge about good and evil, that is: how we can choose to act trough our free will in the right form: choosing between good and evil, between destruction and construction, between selfishness and love.

Each earth life give to our spirit the possibility of infinity knowledge about the perfection of all creation. We achieve experiences that always teaches us something, but we see knowledge as something painful and we call lessons suffering. Since we witness the logic of many lives the will be no more suffering, but a knowledge that grows in a spiral form.

Here is a little part of a Rudolf Steiner book, for you readers to make your own conclusions: ‘Getting back in the human evolution, we have the spirit of men that lived before as a lucifer spirit, which refers also to the Moon. In an early stage, Earth was attached to the Moon, the anthroposophic called it the Ancient Moon Period. The men does not exist as a living incarnate spirit, but his spirit in that time inhabit another form of organism. If this period was continued , this evolutionary line shall not exist , as a result of the rusticity of it own physical organization and behavior.

So the Moon was token away from the earth, and these creatures was extinguished , some of them going trough this period plasmating their organization in a way that could inhabit the body that today we call humans, by the now called human spirit. Some of them, did not evolved enough to the human spirit, still belonging to the luciferic spirit to continue their evolution on earth. The luciferic spirit does not incarnate themselves in the physical body, but assimilate the previous life and lives today in the life we called animals, that are all guided by the group spirit, that are astral fragments that allows this ents evolution trough their earth life till this souls get consciousness of themselves and can incarnate as a one body and soul: humans.

We are the ONLY ones that could improve our physical organization to the point of incarnate one soul in one body. As a marc of this period we have an astral body that is somehow mixed with the luciferic astral body, which is our so called evil tendency , but it is also our lever to knowledge”

The serpent therefore represents the luciferic influence in the human soul: the lever to knowledge



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