nirvana in english for all people


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The time notion on earth is completely wrong when you compares it with the eternity of life. We count earthy days as we see them on earth, based on natural things as planet rotation, sun position, etc.

The length of a human life is so tiny when compares to the spiritual life, where the gaps between lives could be as long as 2000 years. Time only matters here on earth, and is nothing to the spirit, eternal and atemporal.

When we are here, we are trapt in our physical body, which among all animals are the most perfect in skills and sensitiveness, and not randomly. This physical body, however, receives his most powerful energy source during the day, when our ethereal body absorbes the prana, from solar vibes. During the day we are awake in a earthy way, which allows us to live in the material word, in this lapse of time, our physical body is at the top of his activity , to keep the balance of all the combo. During the night, this body needs to rest, what give way to two distinguishing moments:  repairing of physical body by the ethereal body (using the prana saved on day time), and the freedom of our astral body to allow us continue our live in the spiritual dimension, the astral world, free from our physical body, giving us the most free moment of life (but also recognized as the most action time of our obsessors, leading our dreams into nightmares).

This release of the astral body is also necessary to keep the combo: physical and spiritual life together.

(to be continued)

the freedom of the astral body


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