nirvana in english for all people

Hi friends,

I am about to start this new blog just for you people that do not speak portuguese, and therefore do not understand my site and my other blog:

That is really sad for me, cause the subjects I write about concerns to all people, not only the people that speaks my mother language. So I decided to spend a little more time and not only translate my previous texts but also write directly to you.

For now, that it is, this is about love, god, godess, angels, respect, animals, spiritual knowledge, and all kinds of religions studies, cause I study about religions since I was twelve, started with Hermes , passing trough egypt, the Holy Bible, the translated Koran, Baghavad Gita, The Buddah Teachings, Mormons, Wicca , Kardec books and all that concerns about everything we cannot see but know that there IS.

Procure a Verdade e ela te libertará. - Search the Truth and it will free you.
A Verdade sobre a vida, sobre a doença, sobre o sofrimento, sobre a morte.
The truth about life, about disease, about suffer, and about death.

love you all ,Liz Angel
there is no demons, only souls without love

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